Register Rewards

What are Register Rewards (RR)

Register Rewards are coupons that print out from the Catalina machine after you make a qualifying purchase. They are used like cash on your next order. You can turn around and use them immediately or save them if you are not needing to shop (just watch out they do expire!)

Sometimes you may also receive a Catalina coupon for money off a particular item or an advertisement. I have not yet found out their system for printing these Catalinas, they seem to come out at random to me.

How do you know how to get RR

Well there are a few ways to find out about RR you can ask a Walgreens associate (sometimes this takes a while and It’s easier if you are just checking to make sure about an item because when I have asked they get a little confused but they usually check for me) Another way is they are advertised in their weekly flyer.

You need to buy the exact items advertised to receive the RR. You may use coupons on your items and it will not effect the RR. If your Catalina does not print the machine is probably not working. Make sure you question the employee and have them ring you out on another machine. Once the manager gave me a refund for the RR amount because none of their machines were working although I don’t know if this is standard practice.

If you made a mistake and picked up the wrong items don’t be embarrassed tell them that you thought there was a RR for those items and you no longer want them. Walgreens is used to it and they can just do a standard return for the items you don’t want.

How do you use the RR once you have it

Most RR are used as cash on your next purchase, but there are exceptions:

If you read the fine print, you cannot use more RR;s and manufacturer coupons than number of items that you are buying. If you look inside your cart and count your items and then add up your coupons and RR’s you need to make sure you have either the same amount or you have more items in your cart. If you have more coupons and RR’s then items you will need to pick up a “filler” item. A filler item is something that you pick up so you can use all of your coupons. I usually try to find something under 25 cents, be creative and check the clearance or pick up something like a pencil they have on sale.

Most RR do state they can not be used on tobacco, alcohol, tax. lottery ticket, money orders, stamps, dairy, or any gift cards or pre-paid cards.

RR most generally do not ROLL

Most generally at Walgreens you cannot “roll” a RR. What this means is if you use your RR for your next purchase and you are doing the same deal your RR will not print again. It’s kind of hard to explain…. For instance…If you purchase 2 cottonelle toilet paper and you get a $3 RR do not turn around and try to buy 2 more toilet papers to get the same deal because the RR will not print the second time. I hope that wasn’t to confusing!

For Walgreens Coupon Policy Click HERE (Print this policy and keep it with you when you are shopping)