Help My Sewer and Microwave Bit the Dust! What’s Next??

Two months ago we woke up to a horrible mess in the basement. We had a sewer problem and it was not pretty! Now let me go ahead and ease your mind and tell you that the problem has been fixed but that was after a whole lot of stress and a whole lot of Continue Reading …

Handcrafted wallcoverings are here to stay

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Any of you gentlemen out there in the middle of a home remodel heard of a company called Atrium Wallcoverings? Well if you haven’t let me tell you a little secret. They rock! And I’ll tell you why. Remember in your last home or apartment when your shoulders and arms were killing you because of all the painting. Continue Reading …

Healthy Grilling Ideas! Check it out!

  Wow! Here are some great Healthy Grilling Ideas to check out! Did you see the grilled pineapple?? It’s 10:30 pm while I’m writing this post and now I am starving to death!! What do you like to cook on the grill??      

It’s Summer: Let’s invite the birds to our backyard!

photo courtesy of Not to long ago my hubbie and my daughter made me a birdhouse for my backyard. I couldn’t have been more excited! They had one on one time and I have a beautiful birdhouse out back. So I have decided it is my new project to make my yard a backyard Continue Reading …

Styled On: Find Styles you didn’t even know existed!

                       photo from Today I am trying out a new fashion community called Styled On. I am checking out the StyledOn Selects Home accents under $50 and I have decided I can redo my home and not spend a fortune! You can browse through Continue Reading …

Home and Garden: Totally and completely Amazing Tree Houses

  Check out these super cute Amazing Treehouses!  Wow! My kids would be in heaven!!

Turn Your Back Yard into a Hummingbird Playground! Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Hummingbird Vines!

Turn Your Backyard into a Natural Hummingbird Playground! Grow Vibrant Trumpet Flowers to Attract the Beautiful Hummingbird into Your Yard. Say Goodbye to Bird Houses and the Mess they Bring for Good. Buy 2 Vines, Get 2 FREE – only $10 + S&H. Click Here  

Serenata Flowers: Deliver to over 150 Countries!


photo courtesy of   With Mother’s Day just around the corner I have been searching all over the web for delivery of flowers. I came across a site called and boy do they have some beautiful flowers and they deliver internationally. They even do videos showing the flowers which makes it much easier to pick Continue Reading …