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Sisters Saving Cents
Thank you for your interest in working with Sister’s Saving Cents! I am a 40 year old stay at home mom of 2 girls (a 12 month old and a 12 year old) My blog has been active since October 2011 and my site is growing daily! I want to become a strong leader in the mom blog niche and would love to work with advertisers that have great family friendly products. If this is you, please continue reading for information on conducting reviews, giveaways, and other advertising options.
The following are the stats for Sister’s Saving Cents as of June 5, 2012. I will make sure to update these monthly.
Monthly unique visitors: 4,537
Monthly Visits: 7,419
Monthly page views : 24,322
Alexa: 79,154
Klout: 42
Twitter: 6,212
Facebook: 15,661
Sister’s Saving Cents offers a variety of options for advertising as well as reviews and giveaways. To see these options and find the need that best suits you please read below.
I am open to doing product reviews that are family friendly and are for products I feel would benefit my readers. Reviews are done free of charge. In order to do a review, I do require a full size sample of the product. Upon completion of the review, the product is mine to keep. Reviews will be posted within 4 weeks of receiving the product as to ensure time to actually use it and form a solid opinion. If you have a specific date in mind please let me know ahead of time and I will try my best to accommodate. All reviews will adhere to the FTC guidelines for disclosure.
Giveaways are a great opportunity to promote your product and I definitely encourage you to do one along with your review although this is a personal decision and is not required. I will do a giveaway without a review if requested, but I do require that I receive the same product that you are offering in the giveaway or one of equal value. I will be taking my time to put the giveaway together, promote it, and close it out when the time comes and this is my way of being compensated for this time. Giveaways will run for 10-14 days depending on the product. If you have a different time frame in mind please let me know. All giveaways will be conducted using Rafflecopter. The mandatory entries will be for entrants to follow your social media sites and visit your webpages. Extra entries will be added to follow my own and possibly other bloggers pages that help promote the giveaway. These entries however will not be mandatory. Upon closure of the giveaway, Rafflecopter will be used to randomly select a winner. This winner will be contacted for shipping information. Once I have this information, I will forward it to you and you will be in charge of shipping the product to them. Please ship the product within a reasonable amount of time. Please do not send me the giveaway prize to ship along with my review product.

Sponsored Posts:
If you would like a sponsored post using keywords and links to your company here on my blog please feel free to contact me. This is a great way to boost your link and search engine preference. You are free to write your own post or I can write one for you using links or keywords you specify. All posts will be a permanent part or Sister’s Saving Cents and will be shared within my social media sites as well as on my newsletter. See advertising guidelines below in regards to what is acceptable. Please contact me for pricing.

Banners/ Text ads
Sister’s Saving Cents offers advertising on a monthly basis. Prices vary by location and size. See advertising guidelines below in regards to what is acceptable. Please contact me for pricing.
Placement and sizes available are as follows:
Sidebar advertising: 125 X 125  (above the fold and below the fold)
Advertising guidelines:
All ads will be reviewed prior to publication. This is a family friendly blog and all ads need to abide by this standard. No foul language or graphic images are to be posted on the advertisement. Also, all landing pages must be family friendly. Ads will not be accepted if they are deemed to be offensive in any way towards race, gender, sexual preference, etc.  Ads need to be grammatically correct and be ready to publish as is (unless is is a sponsored post that we have previously discussed me writing) I will not do any editing. Spam ads will not be tolerated. I will periodically check the ads and if any are found to not be within the standards of my blog, they will immediately be deleted and there will NOT be a refund. I will contact you with a reason as to why it needed to be removed and you will be given the option to fix the add and apply again. If there is a second offense, you will no longer be welcome to advertise on this page.
All ads will run for one month in the desired location. Prior to the end of that month, you will be contacted first with the option to renew. If you chose not to continue, your ad location will be passed on to the next advertiser.
Payments are to be made via paypal to or by check or money order to Lori Elliott and must be received and cleared prior to ad posting.
Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or through the contact tab.