DIY Felt Board for Creative Kids Play

diyfeltboardcollage DIY Felt Board


Felt boards are a fantastic way to incorporate another dimension of play and learning to your child’s day. They make fantastic gifts for Christmas and birthdays, they are inexpensive to make, and they and the felt pieces can be customized to the child’s interests. I created a simple one that can either be hung on the wall, or as a lap board- from an 11×17 frame picked up for less than $5.00, you can find these at yard sales and thrift shops all the time, you could even paint the frame to further customize.


Supplies Needed:

¼ yard of felt-$3.00

11×17 frame- $3.00-$5.00

spray adhesive-$7.00


drop cloth or newspaper

For felt pieces

12 pack multicolor felt- $2.98

I purchased all my supplies at Wal-Mart, they can also be found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or other craft stores.


Begin by taking your frame apart, remove glass and set aside- I wrapped mine in several layers of newspaper,  tapped it shut and put it in trash.


Take your felt and backboard outside for ventilation, lay one a drop cloth or newspapers. Spray the board (the side that faces inward on the frame) and the felt with adhesive. Working quickly, press the felt onto the board, attempting to center it as well as you can.  The adhesive is fairly forgiving and if you misplace it you will have a couple chances to reposition and still maintain adhesion. Fold the edges to the back and press down, tuck your corners in, much like you would when wrapping a present. Spray a bit more adhesive on fabric if needed to tack in place. Allow to dry (It does not take long- maybe 15 minutes).


Replace board into frame, and secure closures.


Your framed felt  board is now ready to hang or use on a table or lap.  You can cut simple shapes for a matching game, or print silhouette images from a search engine, and use them as a template to cut play pieces.


Customize your framed felt board by making it smaller for Travel or larger for permanently mounting on the wall or on an easel. Back it with your childs favorite color, or make a blue sky and green grass, make roads from grey or black felt for a truck loving kid!


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