Kitchen Shears Lightening Deals $13.52 (While Supplies Last) Down from $40.47

kitchen shears

These Kitchen Shears DefenderX Stainless Steel All Purpost Kitchen Shears on on sale for 75% off over at Amazon. Now remember this is a lightening deal so it is while supplies last! Hurry on over and grab a pair before they are gone.

With the built-in spring,it will brake off when using scissors. Lock opened automatically bounced off,please note that used carefully.

The concave position uses for cutting tree shape object and cartillage objects,such as chicken foot bone.

Design has the shear for poultry,Easy to cut.
The shear force is strong,sharp and durable,uses for cutting cartillage objects such as chicken stomach,fish stomack,shark fin and so on.Perfect suit for any kitchen cutting job – fresh chicken, cooked chicken, herbs, meat, vegetables, bones, ribs and cardboard.
Kitchen poultry shears, spring-loaded for easy use, no hand strain and with clip for safe storage

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel with magnetic blade, can be used as scissors for cutting through chicken bone and other types of poultry, with ease. Ideal scissor set for chopping herbs, spring onions, peeling vegetables, opening packages, scaling fish and all your other cooking needs
Ergonomic black handle, full metal tang that runs all the way through the handle, which is triple, riveted for strength.


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