Guest Post: Affordable Easter Craft for Kids

A fellow blogger of mine bought a really cute kids craft from Walmart and didn’t spend an arm and a  leg for it!! 🙂 The results were super cute. She took the time to take some pictures of the craft and share with us. Head over to BB Product Reviews and see what else this great family has been up to!! Enjoy and Happy Easter everyone! 🙂
Here is what Birdie and her great family had to share…….
Here is a fun little craft set that I bought for my three girls and I to enjoy as a before Easter activity. I bought the kit from Walmart for around $3.00 and it makes 12 little Easter eggs for them to decorate and make their own.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy time with the kiddo’s, this could be an option.



I laid out all of the pieces so you can see all of the cool things that were included in this activity set. There is no glue required and everything you need comes with the kit. The sheets you see have a lot of different cute little glasses, lips, hats, noses, mouths, hair, and more. All you do is push the pattern out, take the paper off the back of each one, and stick it to the color egg your child prefers. That’s it. They had so much fun putting these together they didn’t want to put them away.
Here is the finished product of all of my three girls. How cute, and they are all saying hi. What little fun creative activities have you and your family done together as it draws closer to Easter?


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