Heart Potato Stamps

v day potato-heart-stamp-636Heart Potato Stamps

Here’s a use for a potato that’s about past its shelf life. Great for cards, picture frames, even tee shirts if you use fabric paint.

Best for kids age:  Any age

What you’ll need: Cardstock, paint, potato, heart shaped cookie cutter, paper and a small pairing knife

How to make it: Begin by cutting your potato in half near the widest portion. Using your small heart shaped cookie cutter, insert it into the potato until the top is flush with the flat end of the potato. Adults, using a small sharp pairing knife, cut into the potato about 1/4 of an inch down until you feel your knife touch the cookie cutter. Continue cutting all the way around the potato until the waste is easily removed. Make sure to press your stamp firmly on the paper, but don’t rock it back and forth too much.


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