Homeschool Freebie: Pizza Hut Book-It Program

pizza hut book it for homeschool Through September 1, 2013, you can enroll your K-6 homeschooling students in the Pizza Hut Book-It program to earn free personal pan pizzas for reading books. Your kids will love reading especially when there is  a prize at the end and hopefully by then reading will become something they truly enjoy doing!!

Here is a little bit about how the Pizza Hut Book-It program got started…

So what is the BOOK IT! Program, exactly?  In 1984, a Pizza Hut President by the name of Art Gunther began the search of finding a way to motivate his son, a struggling reader, to read more. He decided to take his son to work with him for a slice of pizza and some one-on-one time. He found that the combination of praise, recognition and just a dash of pepperoni was all it took to instill a love of reading in his child.  

Feeling that he was on to something, he got a team of experts together to develop a program around this idea. It needed to be something big, something that was designed by educators, implemented by teachers and encouraged by parents.

So if you home school hurry on over and get your kids signed up 🙂

Thanks Freebie Finding Mom!!


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