Kids Project: Crayon Rubbings

Today it was beautiful outside! As a matter of fact we went on our first walk today and loved it!! I am going to surprise the girls and plan a special walk next time. Alicia will still enjoy it and I bet she figures out how to get Charlee Ann involved!

The next time we go out we are going to do some crayon rubbings! This is a GREAT way to use up some of those old broken crayons. It gets the kids outside and gets them using their imagination. There are so many different things outside to choose from! Below are some tips in helping with crayon rubbing…..

  • unwrap the crayon and rub with the side of the crayon not the tip
  • try to rub just hard enough to show the details
  • use a decent quality crayon that marks easily
  • and to hold the paper still (sometimes I tape the edges of the paper to the project table for the little ones)

This would be a great time to pull out those old broken crayons out of the closet and get some use out of them! 🙂

If your child is old enough make sure you make taking the paper off the old crayons a game in itself!! Kids love that stuff! 🙂

When your kids are doing their crayon rubbings make sure you stop yourself from trying to show them how to do it! Just show them enough to get them going and let them “create” themselves!! Don’t try to take over and do it your way.



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