Pop-Up Heart Card

v day pop up heart cardPop-Up Heart Card

Every little kid loves the charm of pop-up books. Now, they can recreate the magic with this 3D Valentine’s Day card.

Best for kids age: 6 and up

What you’ll need: White card stock; red construction paper; double-stick tape; glue; and kid-safe scissors.

How to make it: Cut out a heart-shaped pattern from the red construction paper. Then fold the white paper into quarters. Open it up and fold in half lengthwise. Fold the heart-shaped cutout over the edge of one of the creased quarters. Cut around the heart’s edge until you come to the roundest part, then stop. Next, cut along the heart’s diagonal side, starting from the bottom. Stop once the shape’s side starts to curve. Set aside the pattern and fold the heart to the left side. Refold the paper the short way and reverse the pop-up heart’s folds. Glue the red heart down onto the white pop-up. Let dry, and then carefully close.


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