Over 700 FREE pumpkin stencils, including Disney, Nick Jr, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Military,and many more!

pumpkin carving Jack’O’Lanterns are much more than just faces now. All over the internet, you can find free stencils to carve out your pumpkin to look like anything from your favorite celebrity, cartoon character, logo, or even to represent something close to your heart, like the military. Here’s tons of links to free stencils I’ve rounded up and put together for you. We started doing the pumpkin stencils about 7 years ago and pumpkin carving hasn’t been the same since! It makes for an awesome evening of family fun. Put together a few games and of course roast some pumpkin seeds in the oven by covering them with olive oil and salt and bake on a cookie sheet at 300 degrees for about 45 minutes until golden brown. It makes for some great family time and isn’t that what life is all about! Enjoy! 😉

Pop Culture Pumpkin Stencils – Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton, Robert Pattinson, and more.

27 Cute Pumpkin Stencils – These are easy for kids to do. Great for younger kids, and nothing too scary.

20 Nick Jr. Pumpkin Stencils – Team Umizoomi, Dora, Bubble Guppies, Mike the Knight, Peppa Pig, Wow Wow Wubzy, and more!

21 Disney Pumpkin Stencils – Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Disney Princesses, Phineas & Ferb, and more!

30 Pumpkin Stencils from Hershey’s – Easily printable PDF files that are organized by difficulty.

46 Intricate Pumpkin Stencils – These are for the more advanced carver. Not only are they stencils, but they help give your pumpkin more of a 3-D scene by guiding you in a paint-by-number style of dimensional carving.

19 Traditional Stencils – These are your typical witches, ghosts, and bats. (to view these you need to be a member of their site but it is free to become a member. up to you 😉

30 Geeky Pumpkin Stencils – All things geek – Star Wars, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Angry Birds, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Mario, Gangnam Style, and more!

47 More Geek-Inspired Stencils – Marvel Comics, Dr. Who, Ghostbusters, Walking Dead, Hunger Games, True Blood, Harry Potter, Twilight, and more!

20 Random Stencils – The run the full range… from Tinkerbell, to Colonel Sanders, to Gary Coleman.

10 Halloween Stencils – The Pumpkin Masters are, well, the masters when it comes to pumpkin carving. They have 10 free traditional Halloween designs on their site.

13 Face Stencils – All kinds of faces, from clowns to traditional Jack’O’Lanterns.

100 Pop Culture Stencils – Ranging from Bettie Page, to the Beatles, and from the Mona Lisa to Rocket from Little Einsteins.

59 Pumpkin Stencils – They range from traditional Halloween designs, to Mario, Thomas the Train, and Smurfs.

8 Simple Stencils – These would probably be more appealing to beginning carvers or small children.

6 Random Stencils – SpookMaster has tons of stencils to purchase, but they always have a random selection of free ones as well.

56 Extremely Detailed Stencils – They range from Angry Birds, to fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns. You’re going to want to set a lot of time aside to carve out these pumpkins!

25 Stencils – They range from pretty and frilly to spooky and scary.

16 Halloween-Themed Stencils – There are some for every skill level here.

12 Themed Stencils – The selections include patriotic, awareness ribbons, and some traditional halloween themes.

11 Star Wars Stencils – Characters, vehicles, logos and more.

100 ‘Un-Halloween’ Pumpkin Stencils – They’re anything but the typical Halloween designs. They have animals, celebrities, fantasy, patriotic, Christian, and more.

8 Halloween Stencils – From faces, to whole-pumpkin decorations.

28 Cat Stencils – No, not stencils for your cat! Pumpkin stencils that have cats on them!

8 Military Themed Stencils – Army, Navy, U.S.M.C., Air Force, Coast Guard, Wounded Warrior Project, POW MIA, and more patriotic designs.

14 Pop Culture Stencils – Assassin’s Creed, Facebook, Glee, Winnie the Pooh, and more.

12 Midwestern Themed Stencils – Corn, barns, wheat, and… a lighthouse? Well… a lighthouse isn’t really midwestern, but it’s there if you want it!

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, or maybe someone to convince you that the stencil you picked out isn’t too difficult after all, check out The Pumpkin Geek.


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  9. We ve tracked down over 700 pumpkin carving stencils, including advanced pumpkin carving patterns, with designs ranging from goofy to ghoulish. All of the jack o lantern stencils here are free and printable.


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