Let’s Get Healthy: Wilted Spinach

Easy Wilted Spinach

Spinach (as much as you can fit in the big saute pan and then tons more)

Olive Oil

Fresh Garlic Cloves

Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. First I took my garlic cloves and I hit them a few times with a giant wooden rolling pin. This helps loosen the skin so you can remove it. After the skin is removed I continued to hit the garlic with the rolling pin to crush it.
  2. Then I added a small amount of olive oil to my GIANT frying pan and cooked it until it was slightly golden brown.
  3. Next I added my spinach (about a pound). Now we I say this takes a lot of spinach, I really mean a lot!! 🙂 The spinach will cook up to nothing. So when your pan is full then try smashing it down or waiting for it to start cooking down a bit and add more. I promise you can’t add enough!
  4. I kept turning it with a pair of tongs and every once in a while I added a lid to help steam it. I did have to add a little more olive oil. You can tell when it get done because it will look like the picture above.
  5. In the very last few minutes of cooking I did add some walnuts to it. I liked it but you really don’t have to put the nuts. They weren’t really a big hit and probably would have been better without them but it did make it look pretty.

I hope you enjoy the recipe or maybe you already make it at home but just needed a reminder that wilted spinach is good!! Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. That sounds really good! I will have to try it. We love all kinds of greens in our house!

  2. That looks so easy to make, thanks for sharing. I will try this one soon.