My Healthy Life: Day 1



Well here is what my pretty red bowls started with before the new and improved healthy me!!! I hopped on the scale this morning and did my┬ábeginning weight and boy was I in for a shocker! 179.8!!! Yup you heard me, that means I have put on almost 30 lbs in 5 months since quitting smoking. (shhhh don’t tell anyone I had such a horrible habit that I still fight on a daily basis) So I am starting my massive “diet” today. This will drop the weight quickly and get me in better shape and then I will work on changing into my “Healthy” lifestyle. So I went shopping at Sam’s Club and here is a picture of my new way of eating……

And here is a list of what I bought……

Giant bag of Gala apples-$6.32

Red Grapes- $5.98

Anjou Pears- $4.98

Pam original Spray 2pk- $4.98


Green Beans(fresh) – $5.98

Potato bag- $3.98

Brussel Sprouts big bag- $3.99

5 lb Navel oranes- $5.98

2 cartons eggs-$4.38

Frozen Chicken breast (big bag)- $13.48

Giant Bag of flounder- $11.98


Sorry I don’t have the weight on a lot of things because I have already removed it from the original package and put it in sized portions for my family. Next time I will try to get more┬áspecific! I have also bought a pedometer that I will talk about in another post and I am trying to work on getting some new walking/running shoes. I will update you more on the way my diet works soon because when the pounds start dropping off you are all gonna want to know!!


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