My CrAzY LifE: Healthy??? On a Budget?? Is it possible?


Well it has happened! I have grown a spare tire over the winter. I had previously lost quite a bit of weight, then I had a baby, and I was still pretty skinny. Then I piled it on! 🙁

Now It’s time to fix it. So as of last Monday I have begun walking and am going to attempt some running. My daughter is in track this year so I am thinking we could run together. I began walking on Monday and am up to twice a day. Now I just have to keep at it and add in my handy dandy diet! The diet is going to start this coming Monday and well I talk about everything else so I might as well share this adventure with you to!

Here are my goals for this weekend……

  • go to Sam’s Club and purchase fresh fruits and veggies
  • Keep up walking this week and weekend (start journal)
  • start drinking at least 4 bottles of water daily

These are my goals for the weekend! I am asking anyone that wants to join me on a get healthy adventure to leave your goals here as a comment. Then we can check back after the weekend and see how we did!! 🙂

I am also looking for any saving money and trying to eat healthy ideas! Please share them with us!



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  1. I want to start exercising in some way daily.. I always throw so many excuses out there it’s ridiculous!!