Deals Come around about Once Every 6 weeks to 3 Months

Items typically go on sale about every 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the store you shop at. Instead of concentrating on stocking up on as many of a product as you can, you could instead try buying enough to last your family until the next sale comes around!:) 

I used to get so stressed out trying to get each and every sale that I ended up stressing myself out! That doesn’t help the pocketbook out either. You can get a lot of FREE things but those FREE things have some hidden costs like tax,  printing coupons, buying the newspaper, or how about the gas it costs you to drive to get the deal. Keep all this in mind when couponing.  

If you do miss a sale just get ready and prepare so you don’t miss it the next time. Eventually you will have enough experience to know exactly how long until your favorite item goes on sale again! 🙂

If you are trying to figure out the sales cycle for a particular item then I would keep the sale flyer’s from the paper for about 3 months. This should give you a good idea of the sales cycle! 🙂


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