How to Save Money on Your Utilities

How to Save Money on Your Utilities


  1. Wash your clothes in cold water- Unless you have a deep stain, cold water does just fine.  When the weather is nice, try line drying all your clothes.
  2. Put your heater/AC units on automatic thermostats. This way you can set one temperature for during the day and another at night, saving a ton of money in the process because they no longer run all day and night.
  3. Dress for the weather- In the winter wear warm clothing, then you won’t have to have the heat set up so high!
  4. Turn on the lights when absolutely necessary- I don’t turn on the lights in my house until the sun is about to go down, I use natural light from the windows instead. Too many times it is easy to turn on the lights just to make it brighter when it is not really necessary.
  5. Change out those light bulbs- CFL and LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy of regular bulbs and last 10-20x longer.
  6. Install a low flow showerhead- By reducing the amount of water flowing out of your shower heads you can use 70% less water by using a low flow Showerhead!
  7. Put down area rugs on wood floors- This can make a world of difference on the temperature of a room.
  8. Caulk around leaky doors and windows- If you have cold air seeping through any cracks, it’s going to make your heater work extra hard to keep your house warm.
  9. Put power strips on any electronics you access daily- My computer equipment and my TV/DVD/cable box are all on power strips. Every night they all get turned off and I only turn them on when I need to use a device on each one. Electronics suck power even when they are turned off!
  10. Try Putting a full water bottle in your toilet tank- Try putting a full water bottle or two in the back of your toilet tank. This is only going to work if it doesn’t take additional flushes to get everything down. So try it with 2 but if you keep having to re-flush then try one. (flushing twice is going to defeat the purpose)

Please feel free to leave your own ways to help save money on utilities in the comments! That way we can all save some money! 🙂
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