New To Couponing: Store Tricks to get You to spend more Money at their Store!

Stores do many things to “trick” you into spending more money! So I thought if I let you know the tricks then next time you shop you can be on the lookout for them and avoid spending extra money and therefor saving you money in the long run!! 🙂


  • Bakery–  They put it near the front door for a reason! By seeing the fresh baked items they hope that you will buy things that are not on your list! The smell alone is enough to make you throw extra items in your cart.
  • Price Gimmicks- Items that are priced 10/$10 is put there to trick your mind. The mind thinks getting them 10 for $10 is better than 10 items for $1 each. You went in for one box of pasta and instead they talked you into buying 9 other items!!
  • Fresh Flowers– Grocers put these at the front of the store to increase your mood. As a matter of fact it could increase it by up to 40%. Grocers know that a good mood means you will be more inclined to spend more!
  • Seasonal– You may notice that grocers put items together in pretty packaging to make you buy more. In the fall, you might see apples sold in cute, white, handled bags. The bags look farm fresh to get you to buy them. These are the same apples that last week were just piled all up!
  • Freshly sprayed produce– Those cool water jets that they spray on produce aren’t just to keep the produce fresh. It also inspires you to pick more produce because it looks inviting, like it just came from the farm. The water also can make the product weigh more when you check out!!
  • End Cap Displays– Most customers go around the perimeter of a store when they shop. They add special end cap displays to entice you to go down that aisle and add more to your cart.
  • Hot coffee– Some stores offer FREE hot coffee. They are not trying to warm you up. They just figure you will walk slower while sipping and spend more time in their store. More time in the store equals more money spent
  • Banks and ATM’s– These are obviously there so you can spend more money!
  • Coin Counters– Bring your change in because your broke! They will usually charge you to do what most banks do for free and you will probably pick up a few things while your there too!!
  • Pharmacy– They figure if you have to wait for your prescription to be filled then you will have a chance to walk around and pick up a few items you don’t need!
  • Dairy products and meat– These are located at the back of the store because you NEED them. Why not have you walk past eye appealing displays to get to them.
  • Checkouts– Yes they really do put candy and small toys here to drive you crazy! 🙂 Your kids are DONE by this time and the store knows you will do just about anything to entertain them while waiting in line.
  • Kid’s eye level– This is why they have so many kid friendly snacks down low.  They know the kids will see all the bright packaging and ask you, or just end up throwing them in the cart.
  • Generic items– People that buy generic products will hunt for them, so stores put them out of the line of sight so they don’t encourage other to buy them.
  • Eye level– The eye level space is prime real estate for top brands. Most people don’t look at the top or bottom shelf when they are shopping. Brands will actually pay a premium to be featured at eye level.
  • Sale/Coupon items– Ever get to the register and realize you have the wrong “brand” for the product your picked up. Stores will move the one that is on sale. Say you are buying Hillshire little weenies because they are on sale. You grab them only to realize when you get up to the register that you grabbed Echrich little weenies! That’s because they “move” the ones on sale in hopes that you will grab the wrong ones! (I made this mistake once and took them back in for an exchange and received $6 back) Pretty smart move on their part!! If they make $6 off each person……

So please keep these in mind the next time you are out shopping! As a matter of fact you can make a game out of not falling for the tricks on this list! I bet it saves you money!! 🙂

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