Readers Question: How do you Organize Your Coupons You use at the Store??

I have a problem and I need a little reader input! When I go shopping I shove all my coupons in an envelope, I use paperclips to keep all the stores separate from one another and I absolutely HATE this system!! My envelope gets all ripped up and I start losing things before I am done for the day! How do you guys organize your coupons if you don’t want to take a binder with you?? Leave me a comment and let me know!! 🙂


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  1. When in the store I use a cloth coupon organizer. Basically a sturdy envelope with dividers. I put the coupons for each store in its own section and then any “maybe” coupons in the back. As I go through the store I pull out any coupons I will no longer use and move them to the back. I refuse to carry a binder nowadays. the envelope fits in my purse and doesn’t get nearly the attention the binder got.

  2. I use bought a purse that has a zipper section on the back side that opens outward and has a divider built into it.