What does double coupons mean??

By now you have probably heard the term double coupons. But do you know exactly what that means? Doubled coupons is when one single coupon’s value is doubled at the register. For example, a 50c coupon would be doubled in value to $1 at the register, a 35c coupon would be doubled to 70c, a 20c coupon would be doubled to 40c and so on.

Not all stores double coupons. If you want to know if your local store doubles coupons, you can call their customer service, look on their website or check the bottom of the sales ad. They also might only double coupons on certain days of the week or might limit the number of coupons that will double in an order. Some stores even require you to have a special certificate to get double coupons.

Also some coupons will not double. You need to read the fine print on the coupon and see if it says “Do Not Double”. Also you can look at the barcode on the coupon. If the barcode starts with a 5, it will double. If it starts with a 9, it will not double.

Also some stores double coupons up to a certain amount. If they double coupons up to lets say $.50 then what that means is any coupon valued at $.50 and under will double. If they coupon is for $.40 then it will be worth $.80 cents. But if a coupon is for $.60 cents then that coupon will still work for $.60 but will not double.

I wish the stores around me would double. I have a Schnucks that is about 30 minutes away from me that doubles up to $.50 and that is about all that I can find! 🙁  If you are from my area and know of more please let me know!! What about the stores near you?? Do they double coupons??


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