How to Reheat Pizza

pizza1 How to Reheat Pizza

Are you a cold leftover pizza eater or do you prefer to reheat pizza from the night before? I can actually take it either way but most of my family prefers to have it heated back up. There are a few problems that you can encounter heating up your leftover pizza but the biggest problem is having a soggy crust. I can’t stand a soggy crust!!! Keep reading to learn how to reheat pizza easily.

We all have that left over pizza from last nights dinner. Some enjoy the leftovers straight from the fridge while others of us prefer to heat it up a bit. Here’s a quick tip on how to reheat pizza and ensuring a crispy crust.

Simply place your pizza in a warm skillet on the stove top for approximately 7-10 minutes on medium high heat. You’ll begin to see the cheese melt and it’s ready to eat! I highly suggest NOT putting a lid on the pan as this will just hold the moisture in the pan and you will once again be sitting there with a soggy crust.

What is your favorite pizza place to eat at? We have a Little Italy’s in the small town I live it that used to have fabulous pizza but they have gone downhill in the last year and I have stopped ordering from them. I called and complained one time and they sent me a free pizza voucher although that was not what I was wanting when I called. I just wanted to let the owner know that there quality was going down. Since then I ordered my free pizza which was horrible and then I thought well maybe I will give them one more shot. After the third pizza I gave up. I tried to talk to them once about it and the guy I was talking to said he was a manager and he had made the pizza and it was perfect. Bad pizza = No business……just saying. Now we order our pizza from Casey’s gas station. I have to say that they have very good pizza and excellent customer service. 🙂




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