Popcorn Chicken Recipe

I was trying to find kid friendly finger foods to make the other day and came across this recipe for popcorn chicken that I just LOVE!!
popcorn chicken

What you need

In bowl 1:
(I didn’t measure anything sorry)
garlic salt
onion powder
and just a little bit of powdered sugar (I thought this was very strange but it really is good!!)

In bowl 2:
egg whites and just a bit of milk

In bowl 3:
panko bread crumbs
(I was out of bread crumbs)
I used crushed up ritz crackers then I ran out of those lol so I used tortilla chips for the 2nd half! 😉

Here is what you need to do:

1. I cut the chicken into cubes
2. First put the chicken into the flour mixture
3. Then dip it in the egg white/ milk bowl
4. Next put it in the bread crumbs
REPEAT 3 and 4
Finally put the chicken in oil (that is already hot on the stove) to fry!  Cook until brown.  (I cute the largest piece from each batch just to make sure they were all cooked though)


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