13 of the Best Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes FREE!!

halloween candy book

      Free eCookbook: The 13 Best Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes Free eCookbook, features 24 pages of our favorite copycat brand-name Halloween recipes sure to make your celebration is a spooktacular success + the Crazy for Copycats eNewsletter for FREE! ¬†Our free eCookbook, 13 Best Homemade Halloween Candy Recipes, includes some of the most sought after Halloween candy recipes around, which also happen to be our favorite recipes as well. In this free eCookbook you’ll find recipes Homemade Hershey Kisses (p. 5), Candy Bar Caramel Corn (p. 9), Homemade Butterfingers (p. 11) and many more sweet treats!
      Click here for yours!!! My mouth is watering already!!

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  1. This is super cool! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love new recipes! I will have to check it out!