25 Amazing Pies for the Holidays!

bekkiPIES6aI am a pie lover and boy did I have fun finding all these amazing pies in this list. How many of you are pie lovers? Well I am hoping that I saved you some time and trouble this upcoming Holiday Season! Now you don’t have to go hunting all over the place to find the best pies to bake! Just sit back and brows and make sure you save this for around Christmas time! Pinning it is always a good idea! I hope you enjoy all of these amazing pies. 🙂

25 Amazing Pies for the Holidays!

1. French Silk Pie (PHOTO)
2. Espresso Chocolate Pie (PHOTO)
3. Mini Peanut Butter Cookie Pies (PHOTO)
4. Mini Pumpkin Pies (PHOTO)
5. Date and Walnut Hand Pies
6. Apple Pie Dip
7. Mini Cherry Muffin Pies
8. Upside Down Apple Dumpling Pie
9. Cherry Floss Open Pie
10. Cream Cheese Cherry Hand Pies
11. Lemon Pie
12. Boston Cream Pie
13. Rustic Blackberry Pie
14. Chocolate Cherry Coconut Pie
15. Dark Cherry Crunch Pie
16. Perfect Pumpkin Pie (PHOTO)
17. Banana Butterscotch Pie
18. Raspberry Chocolte Chip Pie
19. Mason Jar Lid Pies
20. Smores Pie
21. Biscoff Apple Pie Pinwheels
22. Blueberry Cream Pie
23. Peach Bourbon Hand Pies
24. Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie Pie
25. Peach Cheesecake Crumb Bars


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our Upside Down Apple Dumpling Pie!! 🙂 Love your round-up and am now following your blog:)

  2. Wow thanks for including my cherry floss pie!

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my Butterscotch Banana Pie! This is definitely an incredible list of impressive pies! I think I need to make all of them before the holidays are over. 🙂