9 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Who doesn’t love the fun of dressing up for Halloween? Isn’t it the best part (besides the candy)? Each year should be a fun and new opportunity for our little ones to express themselves through their costume, don’t you agree? We’ve put together a list of 9 awesome costumes that would be perfect for your child! Just let them look at the options below and work with you to create their perfect look! It’s never too early to get ready!

9 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas:

  1. Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial / Slap Dash Mom
  2. Troy Polamalu Halloween Costume /  Do Small Things with Love
  3. No-sew Owl Costume Tutorial / The Mom Creative
  4. DIY Medusa Costume / Slap Dash Mom
  5. Baby Wonder Woman Costume / The Mom Creative
  6. DIY Tardis Costume / Slap Dash Mom
  7. DIY Paper Doll Costume / Slap Dash Mom
  8. Gumball Machine Costume / Dukes and Duchesses
  9. Lego Man Costume / Dukes and Duchesses

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  1. JJ Caraway says

    I love the Lego costume, what a great idea. I will definitely remember this one.