Cheap Kids Activity: Leprechauns with Hair

Let’s make some Leprechauns with hair for St Patty’s Day!! The idea behind this kids activity is that you do this in advance in hopes that the grass seed you plant will have a couple weeks to grow before St Patty’s day!! 🙂

You will need

  • Potato
  • green paint
  • black marker
  • craft supplies (beads, pipe cleaners, buttons, markers, anything you have to decorate them with)
  • about a half cup of dirt depending on the size of potato
  • grass seed


  1. Cut the bottom off of a potato so it will stand straight up
  2. Cut the top of the potato off and hollow it out about one inch deep
  3. Have your child paint the potato green and add a face. Have them decorate the potato using the craft supplies. (NOTE: Do not “help” them and make them make it look like a Leprechaun, this is their craft!! Let them do what they want! Do not smother your child’s inner artistic ability! 🙂 If you must make a perfect Leprechaun make your own!!)
  4. Finish by filling the hollowed out top of the potato with soil and grass seed.
  5. Water them and give them lots of sun

Your kids will have a blast doing this and will love to watch them grow “hair”!! Have fun!




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  1. Jessica Rinker says

    sounds cute! any good tips on where to find small, cheap quantities of grass seed?

    • I normally get mine from my parents 🙂 I have found some at the hardware store that had spilled onto the floor and asked and they swept me some right up!!