Cheap Kids Activity: Pudding Painting

Here is something that I am sure you guys have in your stockpile….Pudding!! You have tons don’t you! Don’t lie!  Check out this idea below. If you are a neat freak you may want to run away right now and just not read any farther! If you are a super cool mom like myself then here we go! 

Pudding Painting



 Paper (fingerpaint paper works best)

Cups and Spoons


Make a batch of pudding.

Give each child a cup filled with pudding a spoon.

Let them scoop the pudding onto their paper and fingerpaint with it.

Please note that some will paint with their fingers and some will use the spoon. Some of the kids may even eat it. Either way it is their own unique way of being creative. Let this be one of those LET IT BE moments and just dig in and have fun with them!! If you are worried about your floor stick them in the tub and let them paint in there. Use your imagination. I guarantee if it is something different for them they will love it!! Maybe being stuck inside in the winter will be fun and taste good too!!! 🙂 



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