Check Out the Motorized On the Move Building Set from Learning Resources!! A Brilliant Gift for Any Child!!

IMG_3964 Did you ever run across a toy that you just love?? Well my kids and I both love the On the Move Building Set from Learning Resources!! We have been having a ball!! So now you are probably wondering what it is??? It is an 81 peice motorized building set. You take all these little gears and you make vehicles that actually move when you get them built!! There are enough gears and pieces to make a race car, airplane and a motorcycle!!

So what is so great about this toy?? Well it’s just cool! LOL My 13 year old even had fun with it. It’s very hands on and we had a blast playing with it together…. the key word here is together!! She is 13 and well you know how teenagers are. They just don’t appreciate how wonderful their parents are at that age! It is also great for building problem solving skills and critical thinking.  Everything on the toy spins and moves as it goes across the floor and your child is in charge!! They build it and then they drive it! That by itself will build up a child’s self esteem.

I’m not sure if I am explaining how this toy really works but I found a video from Learning Resources that I would like to share with you. Check out the video below and you will see what I am talking about….

So as you see it is pretty awesome!! It is safety rated for 6 and above but I am thinking that this toy is great for all ages (over 6 of course) , even me and I’m 42!! I have always loved toys from Learning Resources because I like my kids to learn while they are playing and they have never let me down although this time they really have outdone themselves!! They also have tons of other Gears sets that you can add to the motorized On the Move Building Set to add to the fun!!

If you would like to order your ownMotorized On the Move Building Set click here. Make sure to check out Learning Resources on facebooktwitteryoutube and Pinterest to  keep up to date on all sales and new products. I absolutely love this company and you can start having your own teachable/fun moments!!


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