Coupon Coup Giveaway ends Nov. 15th

Welcome to the Coupon Coup Giveaway, hosted by Stay a Stay at Home Mom with cohosts Zoes Printable Coupons, Sisters Saving Cents, Military Wives Saving, and Mamal Diane Keeping it Simple.

One of the best ways families can save money all year long is to utilize coupons. Now, for the uninitiated, you’re probably thinking its just not worth it to spend Sunday morning clipping a coupon to save a quarter off a tube of toothpaste you don’t even like! But there is so much more to couponing than that! By properly using coupons, most families can save 20-90% off their food, paper products, and toiletries bill, and take home bags of freebies each month.

This fantastic giveaway aims at helping you learn how to do it! One lucky winner will receive:

  1. Couponing: The Extreme Video Course
  2. 6-mo Membership to SavingsAngel
  3. Coupon Clutch from Grandma’s Little Lilly
  4. Create Your Own Coupon Binder
  5. 40 Recent Coupon Inserts from Coupon Connection Idaho
  6. $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card

Additionally FIVE First Prize winners will receive a copy of Couponing: The Extreme Video Course.

Couponing: The Extreme Video Course
Have you ever wondered how the couponers on TV are able to fill three grocery carts full of food and toiletries and pay a penny? Well, part of that is Hollywood entertainment, but most of it is possible. Couponing: The Extreme Video Course will show you how to regularly save 20-90% off your food and toiletries bill.

The Coupon Coup Giveaway winner will receive a copy of Couponing: The Extreme Video Course (accessed online) AND FIVE lucky runner-up winners will also receive a copy!

Plus, all giveaway participants are eligible to receive $5 off Couponing: The Extreme Video Course while the giveaway is going on. Simply enter this code at checkout:


(NOTE: If you purchase Couponing: The Extreme Video Course and are one of the winners, you’ll receive a refund. No need to worry about buying the course and then winning it anyway 🙂

Couponing: The Extreme Video Course

6-Month Membership to SavingsAngel
SavingsAngel helps busy moms dramatically cut their grocery bills. Create your own customized shopping list from hundreds of weekly matchup deals. Search for specific products or coupons. Get email alerts for deals on products you use at your favorite stores. Get personalized help for couponing beginners and great tips for experts. Long-time members agree the small monthly fee is worth the extra savings of money and time. A generous friend-to-friend referral program makes it easy to get your membership for free.

The winner of the Coupon Coup Giveaway gets a 6month membership to SavingsAngel absolutely free!

Coupon Clutch
For smaller couponing trips, restaurants and entertainment, and even specialty store organization, a coupon clutch is critical! Grandma’s Little Lilly, an etsy store, makes beautiful, functional coupon clutches, and has graciously offered the winner of the Coupon Coup Giveaway the clutch of her choice from Grandma’s etsy store here.

Coupon Binder
Every good couponer worth her salt has a coupon binder. The winner of this giveaway will receive the materials needed to make her own customized coupon binder (instructions here) including:

Coupon Inserts
Probably the most important component of couponing is the actual coupon inserts themselves! You cannot buy coupon inserts, but there are several services out there including Coupon Connection Idaho that will save them for you and send them to you for free. (You just pay a small fee to cover administrative costs and labor associated with gathering them.)

Coupon Connection Idaho is providing the winner with 40 recent coupon inserts.

$100 Walmart Gift Card
To get their couponing off to the right start, the winner will get a $100 Walmart gift card to help pay for groceries. If the winning bidder would prefer, $100 Paypal cash can be substituted.

Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win. Good luck!
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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. YOUR BLOG is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment


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What Others Have Said:

  1. jessie cawthron says

    save it for a vacation

  2. I would use it to help our small budget stretch to meet our needs!

  3. Pay off debt.

    • , &qt3#;we&u0o9;re going to blink and our ten days here will have passed and we'll be in this same spot, lamenting the fact that it flew by." And that is exactly what happened. We've agreed that the next time they're here we'll watch paint dry or water boil to make the time pass far more slowly.

  4. Get a new laptop!!!

  5. I would use it to meet our needs in our already tight budget.

  6. go on a cruise

  7. chelsi Morgan says

    Use it for Christmas

  8. I would save for a PS3

  9. ashley ohaver says

    I plan on putting the money towards my kids clothing and paying down some bills

  10. Rebecca Hammock says

    I am very new at this and this would really be a HUGE help in getting started. We are a family of six and have lost one job due to budget cuts. We already live dollar for dollar and it has made it extra hard. But I would like to give my family something small but unexpected. Cheer them up and not have to worry about going over our budget. My son’s birthday is on Christmas, he was my special gift from Christ and Santa 🙂 Nearly seven years ago. He asked me if we could have a real tree this year no matter how small for his birthday. I know my little daughters would love it too. I felt so sad but humble, he even said we could use his money from his piggy bank. He is just so sweet. Sorry for the long story but that is what I could use the money for. To have the best Birthday/Christmas ever!

  11. peggy fedison says

    gifts for xmas

  12. I will use the extra money to buy food for a bunch of stray cats I have made shelters for and I will use it for diapers for our baby Grandaughter.

  13. I will use the extra money to put away for my son’s education its never to early to start saving he is 7 months old 🙂

  14. I will use it to do something wonderful for my husband because I have been very sick since June and he has been my nurse,my rock and my spiritial cheerleader.I love him so.We will be married 25 years in April and have no kids so we only have each other.Love my life !!!!

  15. Pat Saltzgaber says

    Use it to help me get out of debt.

  16. Pat Saltzgaber says

    Use it to help get me out of debt.

  17. Sarah ward says

    This would be sooo great to win!!! Would really help bc I just lost my job and need to start saving money on anything and everything! Thank u for the opportunity!!

  18. jamie lafever says


  19. Get stuff for the house

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    • whoah this weblog is excellent i really like reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You already know, a lot of persons are looking round for this information, you could help them greatly.

  20. I will use the extra money to pay bills!

  21. christmas shopping.

  22. Pay on bills, save for Christmas, put whatever is left tword more great deals.

  23. Vacations!

  24. Linda Kiss says

    I save it for bills and other household necessities.

  25. Shamika Hawkins says

    I need to save money because I am a Stay at home mother and wife. My husband and i made poor decisions with credit card debt and so much more. We have a one year old and no family or friends where we live. It is hard to be able to afford even a date night or to join a fitness club to help with stress and just to enjoy life outside of debt and just getting by. We get charged an arm and a leg through our own neighbors just to watch our baby girl. We want to never be put in a position like this and be an example for our growing baby. Date nights are crucial as well as being debt free. I really hope that you choose us. I really want to be able to save money in diapers, groceries, other necessities so that we can have the funds for other things like our debt and be able to breath a little and enjoy our time in this life like date nights, etc.

  26. JOSE GUEITS says

    i will save it to have a nice christmas with my family thank you for the opportunity

  27. pay bills

  28. jennifer wexler says

    pay off my student loan

  29. Toni Porter says

    I coupon to pay off student loans, and so I can afford tiny indulgences, like seeing a movie in a theater once in a while.

  30. Cara Gerster says

    I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my family and pay bills

  31. i used the coupon and can saveup to 40 dollar at a time when i go to the dollar store and dollar tree
    the money i save go to bill or the loan for school

  32. i would pay off my son’s college tuition and save some money since we lost our jobs. any money will be benefical to our household.

  33. courtney kroyer-warren says

    Christmas Shopping and Pay Bills!