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Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

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I have to say that when I applied to do a review for Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil I was so excited. My mother talked me into starting to use coconut oil to cook with last year when we both started learning how to get healthier. She was in the process of chemo and I was 40 and pregnant and we were looking at everything we were putting into our body!

The first thing I decided to cook with my coconut oil was…… Morel mushrooms!! Yes they are my all time favorite mushroom and boy do I wish they came around more than once a year! My hubbie called and said he had found some and I said “I have the oil!!” He started laughing and I had to explain that I had received my Tropical Traditions coconut oil the day before. The mushrooms were a hit! Needless to say we all stood around the stove eating them and they never made it to the table! ­čÖé

I usually just grab the cheap stuff at my local store and when I cook I use it. I never really thought about the brand or how it was processed. Well let me tell you after trying the coconut oil from Tropical Traditions I am hooked! The feel, the taste, the smell!! I didn’t think there would be much of a difference, oil is oil right?? Wrong!! ­čÖé

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is made the old fashioned way. They grate the fresh coconut, extract the coconut milk, and then let the coconut milk stand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the oil naturally separates from the water

producing a crystal clear oil that retains the full scent and taste of coconuts. Today with more than 10 years of coconut oil making behind them they still are┬ácommitted┬áto┬átheir┬átime-honored traditional practices that have produced healthy coconut oil for hundreds of years. They make theirs by hand! It’s not mass produced by machines as most of the companies do.

Not only did Tropical Traditions give me a product to review and one to give away but they are offering my readers who do place an order through them a FREE Copy of their Virgin Coconut Oil Book if you follow my links! This book retails for $25 so that is a bargain on it’s own!!

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Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

ÔÇťIf you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.ÔÇŁ


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What Others Have Said:

  1. I use it in my son’s food and on his cloth-diapered butt.

  2. Jennifer Hall says

    Cooking and spa stuff!!

  3. I would use it for a lot of tings: for my hair, skin, cooking, ect..

  4. I love Coconut oil and have been wanting to try this particular brand! I’d use it to make my own body products for my family and I love cooking with coconut oil!

  5. Jessica Blue says

    I use it everyday and I freakin love it!!!!!!!! We are a vegan household, so of course I use it to cook with, but also for making homemade baby wipes, shaving my legs, homemade lotion/moisturizer and also on my dogs skin. He has a skin allergy that gets immediate relief from applying some coconut oil!! ­čÖé I love your blog and I enjoy reading each new post…. I’m a stay at home mom and sometimes (even though you have no idea!! ) you are sometimes the only adult “conversation” I have all day till the amazing hubster returns to the fort :)Thanks for that!!!!!!!!! Be good and have a great night!!!!!!!!!! <3