***FLASH GIVEAWAY*** Win a Chunky Style Infinity Scarf with Bow!! Super Cute! Easy Entry!

GORGEOUS Handmade creations by Desiree of OFF THE HOOK!  
 Off the Hook features wonderful hand crafted scarfs and hats in various colors and sizes from infant to adult.  She loves making character and themed hats including her very popular STAR WARS & ANGRY BIRDS themed children’s hats.
Check out her complete collection of photos HERE
You Brew My Tea, Off the Hook and a handful of WONDERFUL Blogger Friends are giving YOU a chance to ENTER A GIVEAWAY for this GORGEOUS INFINITY SCARF WITH BOW!!! 

This would make a WONDERFUL addition to ANY Wardrobe!!!
This giveaway starts 12:01am CST 1/25/13 and runs until 11:59pm CST on 1/27/2013.

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Disclosure: OPEN TO US ONLY.  Must be 18+ to enter.  Winner will be notified within 48 hours of end of giveaway via email provided with entry in Rafflecopter.  All entries WILL be verified prior to choosing winner.  If winner does not responded within 48 hours of time email was sent they forfeit their right to prize and a new winner will be chosen.  Winner will be announced on Rafflecopter once confirmed. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media outlet.  You Brew My Tea will be responsible for prize shipment.

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What Others Have Said:

  1. Ashley Schein says

    I do wear them.

  2. Ashley Schein says

    It is very cute I think I could wear it with everything.

  3. britney jean hedrick says

    Yes its adorable…love the bow!

  4. britney jean hedrick says

    Id wear it with a cute paie of thigh highs and a nice top

  5. Just started actually, and I really like this kind!

  6. I’d wear with jeans and a shirt to dress it up!

  7. I normally don’t wear scarves but this one is super cute!!

  8. Yes I wear with turtle necks and even nice sweaters

  9. I wear them sometimes

  10. Yes! I wear scarves!

  11. I love to wear scarves with jeans to dress up an outfit!!

  12. donna anthony says

    Yes I do I love them!!

  13. No, but I would love to wear this one! 🙂

  14. christine porter says

    i would wear this scarf with my winter jacket..thanks

  15. I would wear this w/my denim jacket. Cute!

  16. I wear them and so does my daughter!

  17. I’d wear it with jeans and a cute jacket.

  18. I love to wear scarves, thanks!

  19. I would wear with jeans and a sweater, thanks!

  20. Roberta Romero says

    I’d wear it everywhere!

  21. Connie Haack says

    I do wear scarves.

  22. Connie Haack says

    I would wear this scarf anywhere. I like it

  23. Lequetta Dyer says

    I don’t but my daughter lives them!

  24. Denise Holben Collier says

    I don’t. My daughter wears one everyday and is constantly wanting new ones.

  25. Denise Holben Collier says

    My daughter wears them with everything, even a hoodie.

  26. I do!! Love scarves!!

  27. Boots,jeans and a tunic:)

  28. nikki krutz says

    i wear them sometimes, yes

  29. I have just started wearing them. My daughter does wear them.

  30. nikki krutz says

    you could wear this scarf with alot of different things, i would probably wear it with jeans and a blouse and ballet flats 🙂

  31. I would wear it with jeans and a cute top.

  32. Rich Hicks says

    wife wears them sometimes

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  33. Rich Hicks says

    probably wear with blue jeans and black shirt

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  34. Dawn Cates says

    no but my niece wears them alot and she has a birthday coming up…she would love this!

  35. Dawn Cates says

    i would give it to my niece and I have no idea what she would wear it with lol

  36. Occasionally…… but I would love to wear this one! 😀

  37. yes! I wear scarves year round. I have about 50 different scarves. I would love to have this one to wear!!

  38. I would wear the scarf with jeans. or dressed up with a blouse and skirt.

  39. I would wear this with jeans and a thin brightly colored long sleeve shirt…. but not a turtleneck…. I would burn up! 🙂

  40. Megan Parsons says

    Yes I use scarves when it’s really cold out!

  41. Megan Parsons says

    I’d wear it with jeans, boots and a cute shirt!

  42. Kristan Reynolds says

    I have 1 that I wear on occasion.

  43. Wendy Schueman says

    I haven’t normally worn scarves, I just started. I really like the look and style. My sister-in-law knitted me one and I was hooked. Thank you!

  44. Kristan Reynolds says

    I wear it with jeans and a dark shirt.

  45. Wendy Schueman says

    I have a couple different outfits I could pair this scarf with, Hopefully I have get the chance.

  46. Debbie Loy says

    In the winter weather, even in the office which runs a bit chilly.

  47. Debbie Loy says

    Some of my sweaters and even my T -shirts.

  48. i wear them all the time!!

  49. I’d wear it with jeans and tall boots

  50. Tess Skillsky Irwin says

    How cute! I always wear scarfs!

  51. april yedinak says

    When it is cold I do. My sister wears them all the time, even in summer.

  52. april yedinak says

    I would wear this with my blue long sleeved t, jeans and boots

  53. Sacha Schroeder says

    Not a lot but sometimes when its really cold or to dress something up!

  54. Yes I wear scarfs all the time


  55. Would wear it with a mock shirt or a turtleneck


  56. JJ Caraway says

    Yes I do wear scarves

  57. JJ Caraway says

    I would wear with dresses or my jeans

  58. I do wear scarves…in the winter. It’s bitterly cold here.

  59. I would wear them with ……anything!

  60. I just started this year!

  61. jenny green says

    yes I wear scarves all the time

  62. yes, I love them especially in the winter time!

  63. yes, for sure with boots and jeans, that would look great!

  64. Yes I love to wear scarves.
    Thanks for the chance.

  65. Cassi Warfield says

    when it’s cold outside

  66. Cassi Warfield says

    cute winter boots

  67. kisha cotton says

    i love to wear scarves when real cold out

  68. kisha cotton says

    id love to wear with long sleeve top jeans n boots

  69. christy colln says

    I wear them occasionally but this one is adorable!

  70. christy colln says

    jeans a tee and a cute jacket

  71. In the winter, yes, I always wear scarfs!

  72. Cortney walls says

    Yes I love them!!

  73. Cortney walls says

    It would go with a lot of stuff. Mostly jeans, because that is what I wear the most

  74. my wife does at times

  75. only when it is really cold

  76. Susan Ottersbach says

    I would love this!!!

  77. Susan Ottersbach says

    I love scarves. I have a dark red long sleeves tee that would look great with it.

  78. Yes I do wear them.

  79. I would wear it with everything.

  80. Jennifer Holovack says

    I love wearing scarves! I think they are suck a cute accessory and functional when it’s cold. I have like 5 or 6 different ones.

  81. Jennifer Holovack says

    I would wear this with pretty much everything! I have cute hat that would go with it too!

  82. Holy comments lol. I love scarves, my favorite I left at my nail place it’s hello kitty but I love the never ending scarves because they keep me really warm here in WI where it is SNOWING!

  83. I would wear it with my Hello Kitty hat and probably with everything I own!

  84. Susan Broughton says

    Yes I love scarfs

  85. Susan Broughton says

    Anything! I like it with jeans, nice shirt and a blazer

  86. Crystal Irvin says

    yes, with my coat

  87. Crystal Irvin says

    I would wear this with a black long sleeve shrit and jeans, black shoes, and silver jewelry

  88. Since I live in Florida I don’t wear scarfs too often only when I go out fancy. This scarf will go with a many things.

  89. Sherri Stevens says

    I have lots of hand made scarves that I wear as often as possible.

  90. I love scarves!!

  91. debbie jackson says

    sometimes debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  92. Kelsea Eaton says

    I actually just stated wearing scarves! I love how they look peaking out from under my jackets.

    mundaneminnie at gmail dot com

  93. i would wear it with a cute outfit

  94. Vanessa W. says

    I love to wear scarfs! I’m trying to collect more for cold weather wear 🙂

  95. Vanessa W. says

    I would wear this scarf with colored skinny jeans and a dark sweater.

  96. Yes, I always wear scarves in the winter!

  97. I would wear this scarf with a pair of jeans and my favorite Baltimore Ravens shirt!!!! GO RAVENS!!!

  98. Jessica Dunn says

    I love scarves, I wear them all the time.

  99. Jessica Dunn says

    I have tons of shirts this scarf would match. I could wear it dressy or with jeans.

  100. No I do not but this is cute

  101. yes and so do my daughters

  102. jeans and a top

  103. meegan whitford says

    only when its really cold

  104. meegan whitford says

    I would wear this with leggings boots and a sweater

  105. Yes! I wear scarves all the time. I live in Maine where we often get below zero weather. Scarves keep my fashionable AND warm 😉

  106. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I would wear it with a lowercut top and jeans.

  107. Yes, I love scarves!!

  108. I think you could dress this up, or down. You could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, or with a dressy outfit. Its really nice!

  109. michelle dement says

    yes i wear them 🙂

  110. michelle dement says

    i would wear brown shirt with jeans and boots

  111. Occasionaly.

  112. I would wear it with a cute dress or jeans and a T-shirt.

  113. I love wear scarves & cowls

  114. No, I don’t. I would sure start if I won this one.

  115. you could wear this with anything

  116. CATHARINE R says

    I rarely wear scarves, but I like this one!

  117. CATHARINE R says

    I’d wear this with jeans and a blazer.

  118. I don’t but they have become so stylish I am going to start

  119. I would wear it both with jeans and dress pants

  120. Teresa Trull says

    I would wear it with anything.

  121. Heidi J. Sisco says

    I have been starting to wear them more than I used to.

  122. Heidi J. Sisco says

    I would wear this scarf with anything. It would look great with jeans, sweater and boots.

  123. This could be worn with just about anything. Would love to have this.

  124. LeAnn Knott says

    Yes wear scarves with coat at all times. My daughter wears them inside also!!! What a beautiful scarf!!!

  125. Heather martin says

    No, but I’m starting to now that I’m older.

  126. amanda wisby says

    when I remember I do!

  127. no, but this one is super cute!

  128. I would wear it with jeans and a long sleeve shirt

  129. Kimberly Samoyedny says

    I do wear scarves, mainly when it is cold.

  130. Kimberly Samoyedny says

    I’d wear it with a nice sweater and jeans.

  131. I do wear them in the winter.

  132. jo knisley says

    yes sometimes but this id wear always love it

  133. ruth rappley says

    when its cold outside

  134. jo knisley says

    id wear with everything

  135. natalie andrews says

    yes all the time!

  136. natalie andrews says

    it is a neutral color so you can wear it with anything

  137. Barbara T Dunaway says

    yes i love to wear them

  138. I wear them sometimes.

  139. Shannan chase says

    Yes I do!! Love scarves 😉

  140. i love scarfs…i wear them all the time.

  141. i would wear this scarf with my jeans and a jacket; scarf would look good with anything actually!

  142. Shannan chase says

    Since its white, it would match everything I own!!

  143. Barbara T Dunaway says

    with a pair of dress pants

  144. Monique Willis says

    No, but this one would get a lot of wear!

  145. I don’t normally wear scarfs but both my daughters do, my youngest loves the infinity scarf ..

  146. My daughter would wear this scarf with her black sweater and jeans and boots.. would be so cute.. I hope I win

  147. so cute, would love to have!

  148. I have one scarf I wear all winter and am really bad about wearing my others! I would definitely wear this one though!

  149. yes

  150. Yes I would wear this scarf and yes I wear scarves

  151. Yes I do.

  152. I wear them sometimes

  153. I think it would go nice with about anything

  154. Super cute

  155. katrina Parham says

    Yes I loved scarves. I’m always purchasing scarves

  156. I would wear this scar with a black long sleeve shirt and light blue jeans with winter boots!

  157. I love them and this one is cute 🙂

  158. with my nice dressy spring jacket 🙂

  159. :auren Slowinski says

    I love scarves!!

  160. I never really wore scarfs. I have had the same one scarf for several years, lbvs.. but lately they have really caught my eye! So many outfits to pair them up with! Truly a great accessory!

  161. :auren Slowinski says

    As an accessory to a pretty shirt.

  162. Don’t normally wear one, been thinking about buying one though. Maybe I’ll win one!

  163. I do not generally, but my daughter is when she goes off to college.

  164. dollie Howland says

    Yes I do

  165. dollie howland says

    A simple brown top

  166. Bridgett Lawson says


  167. Judy Golden says

    I would love to win the scarf. Thanks

  168. Amanda Meier says

    I just recently started wearing scarves and i love them.

  169. I don’t usually but my wife likes them

  170. Wear them love it

  171. Bridgett Lawson says


  172. Amanda Meier says

    I would wear it out with a coat/jacket. I would also wear this with a cute top and jeans.

  173. Not normally

  174. yes…love them..:)

  175. I like to wear a scarf when its cold enough.

  176. Blue jeans and long sleeve shirt.

  177. Jeans and a cute simple top….the scarf is the statement piece..:)

  178. With my skirts

  179. depends on the weather and my outfit

  180. I love to when it’s cold out!
    I’d wear it with just about anything

  181. rebecca roberts says

    no i dont normally wear scarves but i like this one 🙂

  182. Apryl Unowho says

    In the winter I really don’t take them off, I wear them all day around the house, they keep me comfortably warm, I LOVE scarves. I wear them with whatever I have on lol

  183. Apryl Unowho says

    I like it to off set what I have on, so with a brown coat, I’d wear a pink or blue scarf, I wear them with anything!

  184. i wear them in the winter. i am loving the infinity scarf this year.

  185. Looks great..

  186. Sometimes I wear them if it’s too windy.

  187. so enjoy scarfs

  188. i wear scarves with my coat, at work, when walking outside in the winter. i think they keep me from getting sick.