****FLASH**** Who want $20 PayPal Cash??!

What better way to start off your month than with an extra $20 in your pocket? We thought that it would be an awesome thing to win! 
So here is your chance to win $20! 
But be sure to hurry and enter because your chance will be gone in a FLASH! 
I sure could use $20 PayPal right about now! We did so many activities this weekend that it just about broke the bank but we have tons of memories and that’s what counts! 🙂
Living Frugal with Erika has teamed up with BB Product Reviews, Mom of One and Having Fun, The Kids Did It, Ditta’s Savings and Gifts, Sister’s Saving Cents, Frugal Washington Mommy, and The Mommy Island to give our fans this awesome flash giveaway! 
Ready to enter? 
Simply fill out the form below to be entered! 
18+ Only 
Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or another winner will be selected. 

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What Others Have Said:

  1. Anita Leibert says

    I will save it!

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I might hold on to it for holiday shopping

  3. ashley seeley says

    i would use it for my son his birthday is in 2weeks

  4. I would use it for a present for my daughter’s birthday

  5. Abigail Martinez says

    To Shop at Target

  6. Kim Bowler says

    I will use it to buy groceries!

  7. give it to my mom

  8. Christine Watts says

    Christmas presents for the kids.

  9. Household needs

  10. Julie Rodriguez says

    Halloween stuff for my girls!

  11. to buy books online

  12. Marin Mandrick says

    Christmas gifts

  13. Elisabeth Wellington says


  14. for gas

  15. There is a book I’m wanting from Barnes & Noble.

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  16. julie cutshaw says

    I would use it at walmart to buy me a new Mr Eraser Mop & some recharable battieres thanks

  17. Christmas shopping! 🙂

  18. gas for the car!!

  19. John Joseph says

    will use it toward a ipod if i win

  20. Heather Wone says

    I would use to towards purchasing a new camera!

  21. Judy Bradley says

    Towards Christmas as I have been trying to get some Christmas gifts ahead as I have a big family, but small budget!

  22. my sons 6th birthday party is this weekend, could use it for the supplies.

  23. Cindy Kennedy says

    I will use it for some Christmas for grandkids.

  24. I put it towards Christmas shopping .

  25. I Would buy beads and things to make jewelry 😀

  26. online shopping of course!

  27. Heather Reid says

    Would go to help pay bills….out of a job & no income. 🙁

  28. i hope i win!!!!!

  29. ANDREA CONTE says


  30. Anmol agarwal says

    I will use the cash to buy gifts.

  31. Angel Rodriguez says

    Save it for Christmas.

  32. vickie sizemore says

    Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. April Keller says

    Gas, gas and gas!!

  34. Ted Kooper says

    going to buy some tassimo coffee

  35. If i won i would use it to get christmas gifts for my grandkids.

  36. maria horton says

    Groceries n gas

  37. I’d save it for a camera

  38. Gas

  39. i would use it for bills! LOL

  40. Use it towards promoting my blog:)

  41. stephanie brownstein says

    i would put it toward x-mas

  42. Jeni Mitchell says

    I would set the money aside for some upcoming house projects I have and that I’ve been saving money for.

  43. tammy dodson says

    use it on our house hold supplies

  44. Christmas gift

  45. jodi bradshaw says

    help pay for gas

  46. I’ll probably get some candy and ice cream with it….dang fall cravings lol

  47. i will send it to friends of mine who are in dire need

  48. melissa holske says

    id use it for my sons bday in 7 days

  49. Lindsey Pegram says

    I would use this to buy some Christmas presents.

  50. Barbara Montag says

    Christmas shopping – thank you.

  51. I would spend it @ etsy

  52. Groceries

  53. BOOKS! There a few books I’m DYING for and am out of book $$!

  54. tracy webb says

    We have 4 birthdays within 2 weeks. A little help would be nice.

  55. gail willfond says

    Im saving my paypal cash for a coach purse.

  56. Neil John Ocampo says

    I will buy a gift for my mom :’)

  57. Johnetta Dawson says

    I will buy some algea cleaner for my pond.

  58. Tonya R-Mc says

    X-mas gifts!