Guppi Sh(you)s: One Shoe, 880,000 Combinations!! Giveaway

IMG_3299 You guys are just not going to believe this! What if I told you that you could buy 1 pair of shoes and make 880,000 combinations with them?? You can change the look of the shoe with just a couple zips and snaps. What would you think?? I bet you would  think just like I did, that it was craaazy and there has to be something that won’t work out because nothing is that easy!!

Well I am here to tell you about a brand new concept called Guppi Sh(you)s where they put the YOU into shoes!! First off you buy a pair of soles. (This is where it gets pretty cool). Then you pick out the parts…….laces, tongue  heel and side panels and you mix and match to make your shoe look like whatever you like. 🙂 Pretty neat huh??

Let’s start at the beginning 

First off I needed to figure out my size which was the simplest thing ever! They have a sizing chart right on the computer that allows you to print it off and stand on it and it shows you exactly what size you are. So step one complete!!! Then came time to pick out 3 sides, tongues, heels and laces. Well this was not as easy as I first thought! There were so many choices and I am one of those people that just KNOWS they are going to make the wrong choice! LOL I was very careful when picking out my parts because of course I did not want duplicate parts messing up my whole system!! So I finally completed my decision making process and came up with the perfect pairs of shoes to try. Now it was time to wait and wonder what my Guppi Sh(you)s would look like when they arrived.  So I waited (not long) and along came my Guppi Shoes.

I was pretty determined to find something wrong with them

I am really funny when it comes to shoes for myself. They have to be pretty close to perfect for me to buy them so I am always looking for something to be wrong. They have to feel good and look good too!! So here I sat looking at these strange shoes with all their parts that go with them and just knowing they would feel horrible after I got them on. Now came the time for me to assemble the perfect pair of shoes. Now I have to say that I was somewhat apprehensive on what exactly I needed to do to assemble these bad boys and of course my daughter was at her dads so I had no help whatsoever! First I watched the video and then my pessimistic side came out. I’m sitting there looking at these shoes and thinking there is no way that it can be that simple. So I started putting them together and decided that I surely forgot something and headed back to watch the video. Once I was sure I had it I started the process of assembling the shoes. Guess what???? I did it!!! First try and everything! LOL

Well picking the shoes out and assembling them was easy

So after I figured out that putting the shoes together was just way to easy, I figured there was no way that these shoes would stay together or feel great on. So I began putting the shoe on just knowing the shoes would fall apart while I was putting them on. Once again I am wrong. Nothing fell apart and here I am sitting in my new shoes that I myself picked out and assembled and I’m thinking I am in big trouble!!! My daughter is going to kill me because she is going to want my shoes. Now I ordered a size 9 and my daughter has small feet so she is only a size 4 so I’m thinking it’s a darn lucky thing for me that we do not wear the same size because I am going to have to tell her if she kills me who is going to buy her Guppi Shoes. 🙂 So therefor I am not going to lose my life!!

So How did the Shoes Feel on my Feet!!

I can say that the shoes felt great on my feet!!! I actually ended up on my feet all day the first day I wore the Guppi Shoes and had no problems what so ever in wearing them. They were extremely comfortable, lightweight and looked great!!! So if you are looking for a pair of shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and you can change the look to go with every outfit then you need to head over to Guppi Sh(you)s and grab your own!! You can follow them on Facebook , twitter and Pintrest to stay up to date on what colors they have to offer!  I have decided that Guppi Sh(you)s are my new favorite shoe to wear!!

Guppi Sh(you)s are having an awesome sale this week where you can grab yourself a whopping 35% discount so you may want to head on over and fish up your own perfect pair of shoes!!! Click here to check it out!!

Click here to grab your 35% off for their Kickstarter Program!! 


The Guppi Sh(you)s Giveaway!!  

Guppi Sh(you)s is offering one of my lucky readers a pair of Guppi Sh(you)s with 2 different color side panels, 2 laces, 2 tongues and 2 heels in the winners choice of color!! So enter on the rafflecopter below!! Good Luck all!!

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  1. I like the white with the love words all over them. My daughter would adore these shoes! Thanks!
    Ross Olson

  2. Marlene Allen says

    I like the black and white with the writing believe.

  3. Hard to describe, I like the panel that looks like a ‘puter/tech board. 🙂

  4. Debbie Barlow says

    The one i liked the best was the one with the word “love” all over it!!

  5. Bunny Murray says

    Pink I like the pink

  6. joanna hacker says

    i love the aliens! sooo me

  7. melinda fritz says

    dont know have no idea what u are talking about and the s ite doesnt say much of anything

  8. Love the Love Infinity, Guppi Signature, Guppie School and the Blue Owls.
    Looks like I need several!!!

  9. Jennifer bowyer says

    I like the Black, the green checkerboards, and the ones that say Love

  10. they look sooooo cool!

  11. Vicki Howes says

    I love the ‘love’ side panel

  12. I love the pink !

  13. Joy Collins says

    I would have to choose the solid black and the white with love written all over them. 🙂

  14. I like the multi color stripes

  15. Catherine says

    I like the Apple Patch.

  16. I like checkscape.

  17. Heather Pfingsten says

    I actually LOVE the ones you have pictured. I love the white with the word LOVE written in black!

  18. lisa hurley says

    Mint to be

  19. Briana Kennedy says

    I like the second one on the top row. Kind of all different colors

  20. Jacqueline Lane says

    I like the plain black with white writing! 🙂

  21. Amanda Lewis says

    The brown mathematical one

  22. Elaine Powell says

    the Love sides are cute

  23. Savannha says

    The math ones! Or the ones with love.

  24. Karen Smith says

    I love the pink !

  25. william saylor says

    pinky promise

  26. nancy horton says

    like the love and chalk talk probably have pink or purple heals and tongues

  27. Wanda Ragan says

    I love the love side panels.

  28. donna whitten says

    I love the pinkie promise ones!!

  29. Love infinity and Chalk talk.

  30. White with words live all over it

  31. nicole cummings says

    i love the love

  32. Heather Reid says

    I think i like the scribble cassettes or the love infinity….thanks 🙂

  33. Elizabeth Young says

    blue owls

  34. My daughter would love blockout!

  35. elissa boone says

    love infinity

  36. Saundra Bowers says

    I like the fish side panel.

  37. love the pink and the love!

  38. Toni Rust says

    I have two favorites, chalk talk and sweet red!

  39. Black and white LOVE shoes…really cute:)

  40. Heather Ashan says

    I like the silver ones

  41. christie lopanec says

    love infinity

  42. Very hard to choose a “favorite” because these are really cute! I love “love” and the math equations and the gray with diagonal stripes. (I do wish they had names with the pictures.)

  43. Rebekka S. says

    I like them all 🙂


  45. Gameboard!

  46. cassandra (rab pom) says

    i like the blue owls side design best.

  47. I like the silvery/gray one.

  48. I love the love/ pinkie promise 🙂

  49. sarah banes says

    I like the ones with love and the checkered ones

  50. Jen Vance says

    I love the one that says “Love” . Thank you!!

  51. Wait you want me to pick one?? LOL Ok ok ok I would have to say ummm Blue owls!! I love owls 🙂

  52. jamie lafever says

    blue owls

  53. Chrissy c says

    I like the owls!

  54. These are so cool. 🙂

  55. Jewels moran says

    AWESOME DESIGN!!! The pink side panel (dark and light stripes) love them!!! Gonna check out the site and see how much they are… I have to have these!!! Thanks! <3

  56. I love the white panels with the word love on it <3

  57. Lindsay Hess says


  58. Would love to win

  59. I LOVE Pixie Blush!!!

  60. Love the pinks!

  61. PINK

  62. My favorite color side panel is the Pink though I really do like the Love pattern too.

  63. Love the black and white with the word LOVE written all over (like the one you have reviewed)

  64. Melody Hudson says

    Love infinity is probably my fav. One but I also like the apple one!

  65. ashley seeley says

    2 toned pink stripped side is my favorite

  66. Donna schechter says

    The black is great for me

  67. jodi frasier says

    I like the love infinity.. awesome

  68. Haley Hollan Hernandez says

    I love the Lilac colored side panel