Have you Ever Seen A Butterfly Being Born?

butterfly garden

Our beautiful Butterfly!

I have to tell you what happened to my daughter and I last week. ¬†We were both bent over watching a miracle happen right before our eyes just two inches from our face and we both looked at each other with great big eyes saying “Do you see that??” Then we both looked back and observed the beautiful site of a butterfly being born. It was absolutely magical and she is twelve so these moments are few and far between.

Maybe I had better start at the beginning! We have been working on two projects in our household for the last few weeks. One of them was a Ladybug Habitat and the other was a Butterfly Habitat. We had received the kits in the mail and they included the larvae, homes and everything that we need to grow our own live ladybugs and butterflys. The first kit that we put together when it arrived was the Ladybug Land. Now my daughter was pretty addiment that she do everything herself. She pulled the paperwork out first and read through everything. Then she started getting everything set up. First she needed to take the cap off the habitat and put a couple drops of water onto the sponge then came time to put the ladybugs, larvae and food in. Now we would have to wait for the ladybugs to start forming. They eventually turned into Larva, Pupa and then into the cutest little ladybugs in town.

Well we weren’t quite done yet as we still needed to take care of the butterflies. They didn’t need much done at this point. We just needed to take the container out of the cardboard box and sit them on the counter. We had to make sure they were indoors and not in direct sunlight. They looked like scrawny little worms to me but they quickly turned into big, fluffy caterpillars! Eventually the fluffy little guys climbed to the top of the container and formed a chrysalides. Now it was time for the big move of taking the butterflys out of their container and into the butterfly garden. One little guy came off of the disk as we were moving them but we just followed the direction and placed him gently onto the floor of the butterfly garden on a paper towel. Then we waited and around 9 days later my daughter and I witnessed the miracle that I was talking about before. Have you ever seen a butterfly being born? It was a memory that I will cherish forever.

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The little guy who fell off when we were moving them to their house lived!!!

The little guy who fell off when we were moving them to their house was just fine and ended up being the one that kept escaping!


I received these products to review from Insect Lore with no promise that I would give a positive review. All wording is my own. Thank you for reading my review.


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