HOT!!! Every 10 Person wins a $5 Gift Card from Consumer Advisory Group!

I know you guys remember me telling you about earning FREE gift cards online by signing up for Consumer Advisory Group. Well have I got a surprise for you!!! They are now giving away a FREE $5 gift card to every 10th person to complete a survey along with the other great prizes that you normally win! That’s a nice added bonus!! So head on over and sign up so you can start trying for a FREE gift card! How fun!!!!

Remember to check email for confirmation, we don’t want any delay on getting that first survey!! 

Click here to start earning today!! 

“Our objective is to build a community of consumers who are interested in sharing their important opinions about shopping/purchasing across a broad array of categories including specific brand, product, service and experience offerings. Since your opinions will represent you and many others, it is important that we ask a few preliminary questions to help profile our community members. 

Once accepted to the community, you will be able to enter sweepstakes for prizes including $50 Gift Cards for some of the surveys you complete, as well as have opportunities to earn individual gift cards. As a reminder, please be assured that we respect your privacy and that we will not provide your personal information to third parties for telemarketing, e-mail or direct mail solicitation”

                                                                                                                                                                     Consumer Advisory Group


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