How to Save Money On Milk!!

How in the World Can We Save Money on Milk

Well, there are a few ways to save money on milk. First you can buy whole or 2% milk and break it down into 2 gallons. If you are used to drinking 1% or skim you will never know the difference! Please note that this will change the vitamins and supplements per serving. I always use the water from my Brita Pitcher when diluting the milk but either way would work.

You can also Freeze your Milk. Especially if you find a really good deal and want to stock up!! You can freeze milk for up to 3 months. It does expand when it freezes so make sure you remove about a cup and a half before freezing. It will turn yellow when frozen, but when you unthaw it, it will go back to white. Skim and 1% freeze better than whole or 2% but I personally have a 2% gallon frozen in my freezer now and have never had a problem with it! As a matter of fact, this frozen milk method works very well when going on a trip and you are bringing your own food! Freeze your milk and then that alone will help keep the ice from melting so fast!! So you won’t have to buy as much ice as well! 🙂

Make sure on your frozen milk that when it is done thawing that you give it a good shake to stir it up and only use for about 1 week after you unthaw it. Just whip out your trusty sharpe marker and write the date on the carton that you take it out of the freezer!!

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