Kids Craft: Potato Stamping!

How many of you have ever made a stamp out of a potato? It’s fun and the possibilities are endless! The little ones will need some help with this one but once the shapes get cut it’s pretty easing sailing for them! 🙂

 You will need








  1. Cut the Potato in half. Draw the desired shape onto the surface of the potato (the white part) using a pencil or marker. Cut around this shape with a kitchen knife, leaving the design so that it is raised on the surface of the potato
  2. Pour some paint into a saucer or plate. Dab the potato in the paint, make sure that all raised area of the stamp is covered.
  3. Try not to get to much paint on the potato. Just keep a scratch paper to the side and stamp it a couple times to remove the excess paint. Start stamping the potato on the paper. You can do this as long as you want and the potato can be cleaned off and reused with a different color.

Special notes


  •  Don’t let kids cut the potato! This is not an easy task even for me!
  • Try not to let the potato dry out, it will change the shape
  • You can decorate your stamp after it dries and have fun turning them into everyday objects. Turn a square into a Christmas gift and such….
  • After it dries feel free to add embellishments!  Don’t forget the glitter!! kids just love it! 🙂


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