Kids Learn While they Play with the Light ‘N’ Strike Math® Game!

light and strike math Have any of you ever played wack-a-mole at the Arcade? You know, the game where there are around 10 moles and they randomly pop up one at a time and you have to “wack” them with a mallet before they go back down again. Well I have found an educational game called Light ‘N’ Strike Math® that works sort of the same way.

Math problems come up on the top of the screen and then you figure out the answer and hit that number. The tricky part is that you have to hit the correct number while it’s lit up. The game helps teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Light ‘N’ Strike Math® has won several awards including the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for Best Tech Toy, for Top Educational Toys of 2004, Parents Magazine for Best Educational Toys and many more.

The age recommendations are for children 6-11 years of age and  there are 3 difficulty levels which makes it nice, that way when they master one level they can move onto the next level and so on. I can say that my daughter is twelve and she had a great time playing it and I even enjoyed playing it myself. Although I did come to the conclusion that I needed to keep playing because I have lost some of my math skills over the years. 🙁 Not only does the Light ‘N’ Strike Math® game help improve math skills but it also helps with cognitive thinking, reasoning and hand eye coordination. For the kids to learn while they are having fun, that is priceless!

What did I think?? 

We had a great time playing the Light ‘N’ Strike Math® game. My daughter is allowed to use a calculator in school and I often worry about how well she really knows her math facts. She did a great job and I could tell after she played for a while it was becoming easier for her. There were facts that I couldn’t remember at all (it’s been a while since I’ve been in school) and it did become easier after I had seen them on the game a few times. Charlee Ann (my youngest at 1 1/2 years) really liked the flashing lights and was quick to grab the game off the table (this is not recommended but it did happen) and she decided that the way you played the game was to throw it across the room. The game held up without a scratch and we learned to put the game up and out of her reach. One thing that was a little nerve racking was when you had to wait for a number to light up to get the answer. I wanted instant gratification when I knew the right answer!!

Learning Resources has tons of toys that you can learn using a “hands on” approach. I have even started a list of my favorites so I can purchase them in the future. Make sure that you follow them on facebook, twitter, youtube and Pinterest to  keep up to date on all sales and new products.

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