Mickey Mouse Barnyard Dance Review + Enter to Win $1,000 in Fisher Price Toys

Mickey Mouse Barnyard Dance

Hot dog…….hot dog…..hot diggity dog!!! We are hanging out this morning singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse them song and having a hoe down with our new toy the Mickey Mouse Barnyard Dance. My daughter just loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and any Mickey Mouse toys are a hot item in this house including the Mickey Mouse Barnyard Dance!!

The Mickey Mouse Barnyard Dance includes Mickey, Minnie, three animal rounds and a wheelbarrow. Mickey and Minnie have tons of work to do on the farm that will keep little hands busy and having fun. There is a lift on the left hand side that your little ones can put the animal rounds in and lift them up and into Mickeys hand which  swings them on around and into the windmill activating it. My daughter gets a big kick out of being the one to make the windmill spin around and around! The animal rounds are so cute and their round shape keeps them rolling around which keeps my little one on her toes.

Once the work on the farm is done we make sure to have a little hoe down….Mickey Mouse style! There is a yellow lever on the front which once the characters are placed on the dance floor makes them spin and dance. It has the catchiest little tune that makes my daughter jump up and dance with them. We all have a great time jumping up and having our own hoe down with the famous Mickey Mouse!!

The elevator and swing arm helps her small motor skills and teaches cause and effect. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she activates the windmill and loves it when the music is playing and Mickey and Minnie starts swinging around and dancing to the catchy tune. This is one toy that’s not going to get lost in the toy box at our house! She carries Mickey and Minnie around and won’t let them out of her site.

Mickey Mouse Barnyard Dance is made by Fisher Price which you can find on facebook and pinterest. I’m sure you can find something for each kid on your Christmas list! 😉

They are having an awesome giveaway that will end on Dec 22nd. Just head over here for your chance at $1,000 in Fisher Price Toys or 5 winners will win $100 gift card every week!! Good luck all!! 😉


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