Reusable Plastic Storage Containers Packaways Review

my new house

My New House

Well as most of you know we have finally completed our move to our new home. We had some pretty unusual circumstances with the biggest problem being we closed on our home the same exact day that I had surgery. Now this posed to be a problem in quite a few areas of the moving process. For one I couldn’t even get out of bed but for short periods of time for 1 week. The second problem was I couldn’t lift anything at all not even my daughter for the first week  and then for about 2 weeks after that I couldn’t lift much more than 20 lbs. So needless to say my hubbie got a bad deal. He and his brother and a friend moved everything while my mom was taking care of my kids and trying to nurse me back to health. They did most of the moving 7 days after my surgery and then Tom finished up in the weeks following. So the only thing I was really allowed to do was unpack as he brought them in.



reusable plastic storage containers

Packaways Reusable Plastic Storage Containers

I received two reusable plastic storage containers to review from Packaways and they came just before we moved. Needless to say Tom would bring them in and I would unpack them as he was unloading and I would send them back for him to fill  back up. I figured if I was doing a review then I wanted to see if they would hold up. I would say they went back and forth a total of 10-15 times. The reusable plastic storage containers carried everything from blankets to pots and pans. They held up great. The bottoms never fell out of them even when it held dishes and my cast iron skillet. I could not see any wear and tear on them except that they got a little dirty in the back of Tom’s truck and all I had to do about that was take a wet rag and wipe them off.


storage boxes fold flat

See how they fold flat for storage!

So by then I was really starting to like the reusable plastic storage containers. After the last trip I folded them up and tucked them neatly away until I needed them again.This happened pretty quickly when I started looking through one of my Rubbermaid tubs and realized that I had high school memories and photos that had  found their way into my garage. I am usually very good with keeping photos in a clean, dry place but these had slipped through my fingers. The plastic tub had cracked on the side allowing bugs and moisture to creep in. Well I had to fix what I could and get it packed up into something that would fit on the main level of our home where the humidity is more controlled. So a light bulb idea flashed in my head and I grabbed the reusable plastic storage containers from Packaways! I put the memories in the larger box and the pictures in the smaller box. There is a handy little square on 2 sides that allows you to label what is inside which I really like. The photos and memories where a little heavy so I was a little fearful that the bottom would fall out but they didn’t budge or even look like they were stressed at all.


The picture to the right shows the box the photos and memories were found in. It is pretty beat up and messy and just a bulky eyesore to pack on the main level of your home. I have a pretty adequate amount of storage but this monster was huge! It wouldn’t fit in any of my closets and well the hubbie said he could find something to use it for in the garage. So out to the garage it went!

storage tote found in garage

This thing is HUGE!


Packaways is a company who sell reusable plastic storage containers without sending them to a store to be sold. That means they are cutting out the middle man and saving you some $$$. I really do like the way these boxes are made solid, store flat, and are priced well. They are actually pretty cute and my husband said we need to order quite a few of these so we don’t have a basement full of cardboard storage boxes that  deteriorate over time and are an eyesore. If you are looking for an airtight container then this is not the product you need. If you want a great storage system that is made of quality material, handles great and looks nice too then you may want to head over and like them on facebook  and Youtube. They have tons of products for you to check out on there website

packaway reusable storage containers

Nice, Neat and organized!

Check out the picture above of what my finished organization product looks like! Now tell me which one you like better?? These are going to fit nicely in an area in my daughters closet that is not being used at this time. Check out their instructional video below.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  2. Jennifer Keaton says

    I use these things for storing my stockpile. They are so versatile. Thanks for giving me more ideas for great ways to use them 🙂

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