Smart Splash Memory Match Clams make for a Fun Teachable Moment in the Tub!

I am always looking for teachable moments that are fun and we have had many great times playing in the bathtub with the Smart Splash Memory Match Clams!! The clams are so bright in color that even I was excited when I saw them. The toy includes 6 large clams (2 red, 2 blue, and 2 yellow),  2 small starfish, 2 small fish, two small clams and a mesh bag to keep it all neat and organized!

You all know that Charlee Ann is 19 months old and Alicia is 12 years old. So basically the clams were for Charlee Ann but Alicia always loves playing with her little sister. The first thing Charlee Ann did when I showed them to her was open a clam. I showed her how you put a smaller fish into the clam. She put one of the little fish inside the clam and closed it then she opened it back up and said “Hello!”  in her sweet little voice, then she giggled and closed it and said “uh-oh”. It was so cute! We have been trying to work on her colors with her and now I find it much easier using the clams. It seems to me like it would be confusing for her to learn her colors when you are pointing to many different shaped objects and saying red. At 19 months I am not sure if she can comprehend that. Now I will be able to ask her to find the  red clam or the blue clam. It just seems like it will be alot easier for her to understand.

Another fun game her older sister likes to play with her is the “Find it” game. She hides one of the smaller items inside the clam and asks Charlee Ann “Where is the little clam?” Alicia has all the large clams floating in a line and Charlee has to open them one at a time until she finds the “smaller” one. This gives her a better understanding of little and big!  The smaller clams and fish also double for a squirting toy! The clams are a little harder for Charlee Ann to squeeze so Alicia usually takes the clams and gives Charlee Ann the fish and they have a fun squirting war!! We try to keep that confined to the bathtub as it is quite messy when Charlee starts going crazy!! I find this a great way to work on her small motor skills, see there are tons of thing to learn from this toy!!

So let’s sum up our “teachable moments”. We are learning the names of each object, working on our colors, using our fine motor skills while hiding the toys inside each other and learning to squirt water all over big sis!! Tons of ways to learn with this one and plenty of rooms to play it in. You don’t need to be in the tub to play with the Smart Splash Memory Match Clams!! They work just as well in a water table or just on the living room coffee table (without water).

One thing I am always worried about with bath tub toys is the mold factor. I know we have all been playing with little duckies when we realized that there is mold growing inside of it. As a matter of fact I almost banned squirting  toys in our tub after finding one at the bottom of our basket that was full of mold. Since then I have come up with a cleaning system that doesn’t allow that to happen. The Smart Splash Memory Match Clams are made with mold resistant plastic that will help prevent this problem. Of course you should remember to empty out all water from the toys when you drain the tub or water table but this can help ease your mind some.

I have to say that Charlee Ann absolutely loves the Smart Splash Memory Match Clams! What she really loves to do the most is “hide” the smaller ones inside the larger ones and put them in and out of the mesh bag. She even loves when it’s clean up time as long as the only thing she has to clean up is the clams! If you would like to order your own Smart Splash Memory Match Clams click here. Make sure to check out Learning Resources on facebooktwitteryoutube and Pinterest to  keep up to date on all sales and new products. I absolutely love this company and you can start having your own teachable/fun moments!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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