Springfield, Illinois: Stay cool in the Illinois State Museum!

Illinois State Museum

Looking for something FREE and cool to do in Springfield, Illinois right now? Well I have been taking the kids to the Illinois State Museum for a few years now. It’s COOL and it’s FREE!! Located at 502 South spring Street  Springfield, Illinois. It is a hidden gem as far as I am concerned. It has never been busy when we have been their and I have no idea why. The kids have a blast! It’s open Mon-Sat 8:30- 5 and Sunday Noon-5. You can travel thought time, from the beginning of life on Earth to an era when mastodont roamed fre. See thousands of fossils and American Indian artifacts. Our favorite part is the Play Museum. It is designed for children ages 3-10 and features a dig for fossils, load a jeep, and of course crawling through a cave. For more information contact 1-217-782-7386. Please note they are closed New Year’s day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Come back and let me know what you think of it!!


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  1. Very nice museum!