TaylorJoelle Designs Bow Tutu Dress Has my Daughter looking Like the Bell of the Ball!!

pc1 Have you ever ordered something online and when you received it in the mail you were so amazed at the quality and so happy with the product that you just had to buy more?? Sometimes online purchases can be a little scary especially when you have never ordered from a particular company before. Well I can assure you that if you order anything from TaylorJoelle Designs you will be more than happy with the product and service that you receive!!

When I come across a product that is absolutely spectacular I just love sharing it with you guys and when I received my TaylorJoelle Designs Bow Tutu Dress I was more than pleased!! It looked absolutely adorable on my daughter and when I felt the material it felt like buttery-velvet in my hands. Ok, maybe those are kind of strange words to use to describe a fabric, but it is exactly what came to mind! It has the softest pink mesh at the bottom and the softest top that is creamy/white with little black bows on it. One thing I am very particular about is how comfortable an outfit is on, I do not want my daughter to be uncomfortable at all just to look cute. She is 2 and is learning and exploring and she does not need to be uncomfortable just so she looks like the most adorable kid on the block!! pc 1 So when I find an outfit that looks like it is made for a princess and feels like it is made for a princess I have to snap it up quick!!

We are headed out of town for a family reunion/vacation next week at The Lake of the Ozarks and my little Charlee Ann is going to be the bell of the ball!! I am going to pair the Bow Tutu Dress with the white ruffle leggins from the Make a Wish Collection and well as you can see from the picture the outfit is spectacular!! Now if only I could get her to leave bows in her hair!!! She is always way to busy pulling them out! LOL

charlee ann pink2 I have signed up for TaylorJoelle Design email updates which keeps me informed on their “hot buy” of the week. The “hot buy” is a item that stays on sale for a week and it’s usually a great price.  They have a new “hot buy” item every week and it’s a great way to save a little cash! To sign up for their email updates on their “hot buy” item just go to TaylorJoelle designs and scroll to the bottom of the page and in the left hand corner you will find a space to enter your email.

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  1. What a cutie! 🙂

  2. Super cute daughter and dress!! I’m going to check into ordering for one of my nieces!!

  3. OMGoodness! That dress is darling! Your little girl looks like a princess in that! Totally wishing I had a girl, but totally not going to try for one 🙂 2 boys are enough! I am going to see if they have boys clothes!

  4. OMGoodness, she is sooo cute! My little niece has found her new love for Tutu’s I am going to share their site with her mom.

  5. Wow what an adorable outfit on an adorable child.. love the outfits they have they are so cute! I wish my kids were little.. I do have a friend who has a boy so I might just go look around and see what they have..

  6. This is amazing! I love tutu’s!

  7. I love this! I need to look into them for my daughter! I bet this would be a fun first day of kindergarten dress!!