Track Santa online with Norad Santa Tracker!!

I don’t know what you are going to be doing Christmas Eve but I will once again be tracking Santa! What? Track Santa? Do I have your attention yet? Or do you think I have lost my mind?? 🙂

Let me tell you one great thing my daddy taught me. This great thing is how to track Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. If you click here it will take you to This is where all the action happens!! 

  You can read all about the tradition of tracking Santa that began over 50 years ago. You used to have to call in and track Santa but with the internet you can just watch videos of him as he makes his way through the world. It is almost in a way educational!  You can see landmarks as he makes his way through the world!  If he is heading through Paris, France you will see the Eiffel Tower! If he is headed through St Louis, MO you will see the St. Louis Arch! It is awesome and of course when he is getting closer to you then run, run, off to bed!!! 🙂

 You don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve to visit Norad. They have the countdown clock, Highlights of last years flight, the story of Norad, and a Kids countdown village where they will offer a new game everyday!

I have the best memories with my daughter Alicia and this year will be the first year for Charlee Ann to see Santa in flight using Norad. She won’t remember it but we all will and I look forward to many years to come! I hope you enjoy this great site and hope you have many great memories to come of tracking Santa! Enjoy! 🙂

Click here to make your own memories on NORAD Santa Tracker



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