Tween Craft: Ripped up Jeans!!

How many of you have a daughter or son that is dying for a pair of ripped up jeans! The older they look the better! Then your jaw drops when you realize that you have to pay an arm and a leg for something that looks like it came from someones trash can! So buy yourself some bargain jeans and lets make some cool jeans out of them! Time to be the cool mom! 🙂

Start by getting a pair of jeans on sale or try your local consignment or thrift store.  Then you will need to find a hard surface to put inside the leg of the jeans. Check your basement or garage for some old wood. Now you may want to look online for some pictures to get an idea of what your child likes and what you will allow…

Now you need to find things to rough the jeans up with.  Try using rocks, sandpaper, or a cheese grater. You want the jeans to have a very worn look. This may take a bit to get them just how your tween wants them. Now take a pair of scissors and run the blade along the worn spot to rip a small or big hole or rip in them. Throw them in the wash and then they should be good to go!!

Have a great bonding time with your tween and save some money too!! 🙂


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