Blogger Opp: Back to School Paypal cash upcoming giveaway

Uncreative Mommy, 4 Gremlins and a Mommy, and 4 Sassy Girlz have teamed up for the Back To School PayPal Cash Giveaway. The amount of the giveaway will be determined by the amount of bloggers participating. Sign ups: $5 for Facebook and Twitter, $2 for each additional link. G+ links are not allowed Incentives: 3 free links for the blogger with the most sign up referrals. $25 PayPal cash for the blogger with the most entry referrals. Sign ups are open from until 7/23. Giveaway will go live 7/27 and end 8/10 Submit your payment AS A GIFT to you do not submit as a gift, your payment will be refunded) then fill out the form here Giveaway must be posted no later than noon EST on 7/27 or your links will be removed from the RC


Go here to sign up! (today 7/16 they have a special for twitter and facebook $3 additional links $1)


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