What to Buy in July to Save Like a Boss!

If any month is truly “summer,” it’s July! The kids are out of school, the weather is hot (but not late August burning hot), and the 4th of July provides the perfect opportunity for barbecuing, setting off fireworks, and hosting outdoor parties! But don’t let all that fun in the sun distract you from the many great sales taking place! If you’re trying to spend your money wisely, then you need to learn What to Buy in July!

What to Buy in July to Save Like a Boss!

What to Buy in July

Decor- If you’re trying to figure out what to buy in July, you couldn’t go wrong wandering through your favorite home decor stores! Many will have special summer sales on decor large and small! That’s because July is part of the summer wedding season. So whether you’re planning to give away your sale decor as a wedding gift or keep if for yourself, July is the time to buy home decor!

Fireworks- In the days leading up to the 4th of July and as soon as the 4th is over, stores will be ready to get rid of their fireworks inventory. Which means you can snag some awesome fireworks at great prices and keep them for next year, or for any other celebrations you’re planning!

Computer Games- One of the best things you could buy in July is computer games! There are often great sales on PC games available during the summer month at traditional retailers and online, making it a great time to buy games for yourself, or for the gamers in your life!

Apparel- You can get some great deal on clothes and accessories during July, including sales on swimwear and exercise clothes! You may even get some inexpensive kids’ clothes in early back to school sales!

Tools- July is one of the best months to buy new home improvement tools! These sales also include tool organization solutions and tool accessories!

Furniture- Did you know that many furniture retailers start bringing out newly designed furniture during August? That means that in July they’re working to clear out their current furniture inventory to make space for the new things, resulting in lower prices for you! You can also find a good selection of summer furniture (especially patio furniture) already on sale in July. If you wait until August the prices may be lower, but there will be a lot less left to choose from!

Appliances- There are often some really great appliances sales around the 4th of July! So if you’ve been thinking of getting a new major appliance, that’s definitely something you should buy in July!

Air Conditioners- If you’ve been trying to make it through the summer without a working air conditioner and you just can’t take it anymore, July is the month to cave and buy a new one at a nice discount!

Computers- Mid to late July may be one of the best times to buy a new desktop or laptop. That’s because new computer models usually come out in June, making July a time where you can see some great computer deals popping up!

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