Guest Post: Fluffer Nutters-Kid Friendly Snack Recipe!

Fluffer Nutters – Kid Friendly Snack Recipe

Every mom and caregiver is always looking for a new snack for their little ones! This recipe is loved by the adults and kids both! Super simple to make and very yummy! 

This is a favorite in our house and each person normally eats about a half of a sandwich. It is very sweet and quick to make! 

What you need:
Marshmallow Cream

Spread Nutella on one slice of bread
Spread Marshmallow Cream on the second slice of bread
Place slices of bread together
Slice and enjoy 

*Note – This can be made with any type of bread that your family enjoys! 

Please leave us a comment with what bread you use for yours and how your family enjoyed it! 

Happy Couponing!

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