Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Grandparents you can do right now!

pc 1Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Grandparents you can do right now!

What do you get for the people that have everything? Yes, we’re talking about your mom and dad, or your grandparents. Well, a little time and love is a great gift to always give and with these DIY gifts for grandparents, they will know you spent both on them.

Picture Book

You can never go wrong with making a picture album for grandparents, but don’t just make an album- make a scrapbook for them. Print out pictures of you and your kids or family from the past years and do 3-5 pages per month to show the grandparents what you were up to all year. After all, they probably ask why you don’t visit them much, so now you can show them what kept you so occupied and make them feel like they were there with you.

Kid Basket

If you have kids, ask each of them to make an item for grandma and grandpa. It can be a written story, a finger painted picture, or a drawing they did of the family. Frame each item (if you can) and add it to a gift basket of framed pictures of the kids. Also include a disc of any home videos you may have of the children, and make Christmas tree ornaments for each person in your family to give to the grandparents. Finally, bake them some cookies in the shape of each child’s hand print. It’s a basket full of great items from grandmother and grandfather’s favorite people- you can’t go wrong!

Personalized Coffee Mugs

If your mom and dad or grandparents like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, make them some personalized mugs and place them in a basket with boxes of hot tea, coffee syrups, or home made hot cocoa mixes. Simple color or write on the mug with a Sharpie marker (in any color) and bake the mug at 350 degrees for 30 minutes in the oven to seal the marker and you will have a gift perfect for the coffee or tea lover in yor family.

Framed Family Tree

Frame a piece of canvas in an antique looking frame. Paint a large tree on it with many branches. Using a marker, place your grandparent’s names in the center at the top on a branch and going downward and outward, write the names of your family members (your family tree) on the branches. If you need some help, call on other family members to help you complete this sweet project. Remember to leave room for new members to join you!

Oh So Sweet Candlesticks

But inexpensive candlesticks with flat tops (perfect for pillar candles) from any retailer. Spray paint them in a bright color and tie the stem with a ribbon (orange, for example, would look fantastic with a black and white polka dotted ribbon) and glue it in place. Buy an inexpensive candy jar from the Dollar Store and fill it with the recipient’s favorite candy. Glue it to the candlestick. You now have a candlestick candy jar! You can do sets of three of these for a great impact.


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