Stocking Stuffer ideas for Men

men stocking stuffer idea Finding stocking stuffers for kids can be fairly simple, but for adults it can be complicated. If you do

stockings for all members of your household, then you might need some for the man in the house. Here are

some simple stocking stuffer ideas for men.

Stocking Stuffer ideas for Men

• Small colognes. This is a great way to get him a few smaller versions of his favorites at a way lower


• Gift cards are always a good option. Try getting him one to his favorite online retailer or perhaps a

favorite restaurant near his work for quick lunch breaks.

• Scratch off lottery tickets in Christmas themes.

• “Fancy” razors. If you are the type who usually gets lower priced razors all year, what a treat a fancy

or expensive razor would be in his stocking.

• Cds. This may seem “old school” but try making him a mixed cd with his favorite tunes. If that is too

old school for your man, give him an iTunes gift card instead.

• Car wash tokens. Many men like to keep their car in tip-top shape but don’t always have the time or

money to do so.

• A favorite movie that is something he would only want to see.

• Small tools and gadgets such as a pocket knife, mini screwdriver or mini flashlight.

• Some of his favorite gourmet candies and chocolates that he doesn’t have to share with anyone else.

• If your husband is a sportsman, he might like some hand warmers, unscented soap and a new hunting


• Nuts in the shell. These are usually a little hard to find unless it is holiday time, so get some for his

stocking for an extra special treat.


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