Custom Trick or Treat bag Only $1!

custom trick or treat bag I just ordered a custom Trick or Treat bag for $1 from Ink Garden. Actually I ordered two one for each kid but I had the hubbie order one so I could get them both for $1 each. There is a shipping charge of  $4.99 but I decided that it was worth it.

Every year I spend anywhere from $2-$5 for a Halloween bag that I buy at Walmart or Dollar General and every year the bag gets thrown away because it falls apart. Last year I got irritated and sent my daughter out with a pillow case that she had so full of candy that she couldn’t pick it up and she ended up dragging it and I had to throw that away because it had so many holes from being drug across the sidewalk. It will be worth it to pay $5.99 for a custom trick or treat bag that will have their name and picture on it and we can use it EVERY year. I have ordered bags from this company before and I have never had a problem with them falling apart. Make sure you use coupon code TREAT!

Make your own Custom Trick or Treat bag here! Coupon Code TREAT

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